Saturday, January 05, 2013

Foodgasm: Yoshinoya & Tokyo Tokyo

Hi. Another food post here and this time let's enter the world of Japanese dishes. This is a late post already but I just reserved it for the sake of updating my blog. Hehe. I'm craving again for these superb foods Aaaahhh!  And what I love about Japanese foods is the savory taste that you will always crave for plus the tempura and maki. :)

The first part of the pics are foods from Yoshinoya located at the new Glorietta 1 in Makati, it's our first time here with my boyfie and we are happy customers. They have big servings of food with an affordable price. We'll surely go back in this food store.
Perfect combination of waiting numbers. :)
 Red Tea.
 Kani Shu Mai
 Gyudon + Beef Yakiniku
 Tempura Meal

The second part are the typical foods we order at Tokyo Tokyo. Me and my boyfie is really in love with the Vegetable Misono I don't know how they make this dish taste so good and of course who will forget the trade mark of all Japanese food which is the California Maki. We are so bloated by the time we finished eating and yes another thumbs up again! :)

Sorry for the blurred photos these were taken from my iPod Touch. Haha.
Forgot the name but this Tempura Maki is good
New dish: Seafood Furai
Chicken Oyakodon
Vegetable Misono

Japan Japan! :) Enjoy the post.