Saturday, November 18, 2017


Shirt: SM Woman | Leggings: F21 | Sneaks: Bershka

Hey, hey, hey! It's been almost 3 months since my last post here and I missed blogging. Huhu. I've been very busy with a lot of work, social, love and personal stuff that I only use my laptop to watch workout vids for me to follow. Hehe. But in that span of time, I get to spend more time with the people I love and close to me. I post lesser IG photos, seldom post updates on FB and more quality time with friends, family and of course with mii love. :)

I have to brag that I've never been this happy though yes, there are challenges along the way but it felt like everything is just right and exactly where it's supposed to be -- this is why I'm thankful everyday. Let me take this opportunity as well to tell the world about the man behind my smiles.. I'm truly blessed to have someone who always does the little things anytime of the day, who spares time just to be with me (as in major sacrifice), who patiently waits when I'll be late then smiles the moment he sees me, who appreciates everything I do even just by my presence, who reminds me to calm down when I'm about to get stressed, who floods me with SMS updates when we're not together just not to leave me wondering, who thinks that I'm still sexy though I gained a lot, who does the "actions speak louder than words" literally, who is transparent with his feelings, who respects me and my family, who doesn't want arguments (let's fix it today and close it), who never gets tired of reminding me how much he loves me when I'm praning, who likes to try what I also like, who always prioritizes me as much as possible, who who always pushes me to achieve my goals in life and lastly, someone who loves me because of me. There's a lot more to say about mii love but I'll just keep the rest to myself. Sometimes, I also ask myself, why did I deserve such perfect man in my life? Maybe, I'll just believe in destiny. :)

So, Gian and I celebrated our "half a year" this month. I planned to write a blog post about him and about us but I got stuck on mama's birthday preparations and on our day as well. It's better late than never, right? Hehe. Thanks for everything, love. I love you.♥️

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Romper & Sunnies: TBazaar |  Footwear: Praiaz | Bag: from a HS lovie

Late post of my 26th birthday OOTD (I had the time, finally!) wearing the classy romper I bought from Trendsetter's Bazaar. There were taken in at Puerto Prinsesa airport and credits to my friend, Dy for the shots, love you! :)

I had the "artista birthday be like" because of back to back celebration/meet ups with my friends and I cannot be more thankful; my heart is delighted and full. Thank you to everyone who became part of this another chapter in my life. 

PS. my IG account is always updated you can catch my latest posts there. xoxo.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Off Shoulder Top, Jeans and Sandals: TBazaar | Bag: Longchamp

Hello, August! I'm back from my busy/full of errands life and I should be sharing my Ilocos trip here with my love but we had so much photos so I decided to just keep it on my FB and IG feed. You can just scroll on my IG to find the photo album like post -- GY and the 8 awesome attractions in Ilocos and 2pm ATV ride around Hannah's . :)

Let me share my Kathryn like look from the last Trendsetter's Bazaar event in WTC. It's my first time to try this off shoulder top and I think I did a good mix and match here. What do you think? And do you want a quick tip on how I dress up? I keep it balanced so, I no longer do the too much skin showing look like wearing a tank top and shorts (unless I'm in the beach). Now, I prefer wearing tank top + tattered jeans or shirt + high-waist shorts in that way everything's nice and steady. :)

I'm in need of new clothes and I can't wait til the next Trendsetter's Bazaar, are you? If yes, better save up now and let's go bazaar shopping this Aug. 25-57 at Megatrade Hall. xoxo.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Romper and Sunnies: Trendsetter's Bazaar | Bag: BU | Sneaks: Bershka

Again, I'm back on my rosy look on a very hot Saturday afternoon. Love at first sight with this romper I bought from Trendsetter's bazaar months ago (yes, I'm hoarding clothes. Haha!). I had errands to run this day but Mom and I lacked time because of my monthly hair tat design. We spent almost 2 hours waiting in the salon and starving. :| So.. we headed to Nanbantei of Tokyo in Greenbelt right after and had a light-delicious super late brunch. My next errand.. night-chill sesh with my officemates. :)

The hair tat idea is from the boyfie (Thanks, love. :)) I named it "Cuts & Diamond" because I can't think of any other caption. Haha! 

Stay tuned for my first of Summer post. You'll love Ilocos. xoxo. :) <3

Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Windy at BGC
Top & Sunnies: Bazaar | Shorts: Love Trend | Bag: ABKD | Sneaks: Bershka

Happy Easter!
Cami Dress & Top: Bazaar | Bag: BU | Sneaks: Whoopy Shop

Basic Girl
Dress: Cotton On | Sneaks: Bershka

Cowboy Be Like
 Polo & Tank Top: Cotton On | Jeans: H&M | Booties: So Fab

Lacey Sunday
Top: Bazaar | Jeans: F21 | Flats: Rubi

Combination of my weekday and weekend looks. I have posted these on my IG account, too. :) Stay tuned for my next post about my first ever travel outside the city this year. Yay! xoxo.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Top: MuraShop Clothing | Sunnies & Shorts: Bazaar

It's the last day of April and these photos were taken April 1st. Haha! I'm wearing the summer top from one of my fave stalls in Trendsetter's Bazaar, MuraShop Clothing. You can visit their IG page on the link above. So.. my weekends are always fully booked with errands that's why less time to select/edit photos to post here. But, hey! I'm back and I'm looking fat (okay, I know some will disagree on the "looking fat" line ). :| Seriously, I can't stop eating and I keep thinking about pigging out. I had to inhale guys and that's the trick. Haha!

Spent the month of April in the city working, catching up with my friends and going out with mama simply because I have no beach plans yet. I'm so beach deprived as in and I can't wait til my next paradise escape -- May it is. ♡ I'm excited and I'll see you very very soon.

Credits to my mama dear for these photos and for the next OOTD backlog posts I'll share here. xoxo.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


 Off Shoulders Top: Vanilla Breeze Clothing | Washed Out Jeans: F21 | Bag: Longchamp | Sneaks: Whoopy Shop

This is a 3 week old OOTD taken from a weekend date with mama. Prior taking these shots, I had my monthly hairtat and decided to go for something summer (see photo below). This is also an unforgettable day for me and mama when we signed up and pledged for the "Save the Children" program. We were oriented by the 2 volunteers in the mall where they had a mini booth and explained how the campaign works. They even showed us pictures of the achievements they have accomplished for the past years.

Save the Children is the world's leading independent children's organization -- aims to protect and support children who are in need. You may visit their website here. Like me, you can also be part of saving and making the world a better place for thousands of children. This program also made me realize how fortunate I am right now and to share what I have even just a little will be such a great help. :)

And so.. mama and I had the best seafood brunch bonding at Seafood Island; photos here. We went home right after we eat because we can't stand the super hot weather in an open mall. Haha!

Happy Easter everyone! :) xoxo

Beach waves are calling me hairtat 

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Wearing my LovetoStylePH top | the rest of the pieces are from bazaars

Heya! Here's my first "Hello Summer" post this super hot season and photos were taken from my staycation last March 3 with my good vibes, friends for keeps (Rafa & Mel, insert Boss Mark). March started like I'm outside the country in this paradise; it's a combination of SG/Greece ambiance and I really love it. How I wish I can stay longer and just enjoy the cool breeze while thinking of happy thoughts. I can't tell much about what we've been up to during our stay but I will surely have more of these "baecation" very very soon. Haha!

I'm just so lucky to have these good people around me. I'm surrounded with good vibes and surely I can be at my 100% self, no filter when I'm with them. Credits to Rafa for the OOTD pose shots. :* and many more on my Instagram.

Sharing the BTS on how I fix my hair before the actual shot... hehehe! xoxo.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Jumper: Stradivarius | Cropped Top: Chic | Bag: Long Champ | Sneaks: Whoopy Shop

It's TGIS again! :) sharing this chic and on-repeat look of mine taken last 3 weeks ago and yeah it was a fine, fine Saturday afternoon indeed. I had lots of errands spent with some of my college barkada and really had a great time with the guys I missed the most (hello #TeamSBPagMayTime). Credits to my mom for these cool photos (the last photo is my bet) and sometimes it's about the right lighting too. I know I have posted this jumper piece before but I liked it better now simply because I look very lightly and genuinely ecstatic. Yay! :)

How's your March so far? If you'll ask me.. the month started with a staycation with my good vibes friends and days after that, I can't stop eating. Haha! You're right, I gained weight and I'm just maintaining the rest (I hope I can). I can't help but spoil myself with good food check my IG (#yssaeats) & IG story and you'll find out. So, to balance everything.. I do 10-15 min. bed/mat routines plus a half rice meal/less rice every day. But still the bottom line here is (though it may sound ironic) I've been eating a lot lately.

Next post, my staycation/1st of summer vibe 2017. Stay tuned! xoxo.

Friday, March 10, 2017


Sweater: Cotton On | Pants: Bershka | Bag: Shoebox | Booties: So Fab

When it's too cold in the office and I'm so lazy to iron a top wear.. I go for sweaters. The one I'm wearing here is a fave because of it's Aztec design and it's also a perfect match on the pair of my super loved booties. Thanks to my Vdate, mama for taking these photos. Love you! :)

And while I have the chance to talk about things that don't really mater anymore, let me just share what I've been up to for the past week.. Actually I have the option not to tell this anymore and just move on but I guess it's time to speak up for myself and say what I really felt that day. To be honest, I've been very happy and contented with my life by the start of the year. It was smooth sailing and I'm very much grateful. I decided to finally let go of the negatives and started to dwell on the positive. I chose to focus myself on my goals this year, to enjoy my life and do anything that will make me happy. I hope you know all these and I hope you stalked my social media just to find out what my life is all about right now -- I've been the happiest without you and your silly games.

Then one day (after how many months of total disconnect), you can twist the story line and disrespect me that way -- totally unacceptable. I hope you know that I'm no longer crazy over you. I hope you know that whatever I'm up to, you're no longer the reason behind it anymore. I hope you know that I can do things on my own now. So please, stop creating stories that you know I didn't do at all, stop telling lies, stop pretending that you're not the one who sent me that message because you know the truth. Stop calling me just to get mad or yell at me -- show some respect. And please whatever it is that you're planning to do to ruin my happiness, just stop.

But can you do me a favor instead? Can you be one of those people who are happy for whatever I'm achieving right now? That would really contribute to my happiness. :)

Monday, February 27, 2017


Dress: MSBazaar | Denim Outer Wear: Cotton On | Sling Bag: BU9 | Sneaks: Bershka

NY feels shoot and I can no longer remember the date when was these photos are taken; I just know that I'm wearing my fave sneaks again. Haha! :) You can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers because you can always match it with any clothing especially if it's denim and black pieces. On this OOTD, "slit yung nagdala" while I'm enjoying my mi paborito Cookies n' Cream Freeze from Bo's Coffee. They are also giving a loyalty card if you purchased a minimum of 500 peso worth of order -- 20% off every Monday and 10% off for the rest of the days. I just got mine a month ago and I often visit their branch at Glorietta 5. :)

In the next 2 days, we're about to say hello to a new month again. What are your plans for March? Me, I'm so beach deprived but that's okay because my body is not beach ready yet. Haha! Still working on it. xoxo.