Sunday, June 21, 2015


Beautiful Keltipan
Day 1 OOTD
Touch down Sagada
Hanging Coffins
Trekk Life
Mini falls
Beautiful night fall

 Day 2 OOTD
 Lemon Pie (the best!)
I survived Sagada! :)
To MNL bound
Rainbow after the rain

Labor Day weekend: I never thought that I'll be able to explore the beauty of this place up north because to be honest I want to travel a lot but I'm afraid of adventures like this. I know it's ironic but after I conquered Sagada, I believe I was able to overcome my fears. I'm with Macky's siblings and cousins, traveled for like more than 6 hrs from Baguio, ate at all bus stop, had trekking in Echo Valley, had unlimited shots around the environment and a lot more. I'm loving nature and candid photos now. Hehe. Sagada adventure is just breath-taking and wonderful. I'm not sure though if I can visit this heaven again but I know I will.

Our stay is super limited but I 101% enjoyed every seconds, minutes and hours in the place so far far away from the city. I dare you to visit and conquer Sagada too. :)

Adventure is where you find yourself and start loving nature.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Shirt: Cotton On | Jeans: F&H | Shoes: Praiaz
Wind Effect
Top: From US | Shorts: Penshoppe | Sunnies: Bazaar | Sneaks:Vans
Day 1 Bazaar life: The Lazy
Top: AMBLVD | Shorts & Sunnies: Bazaar | Birks: The Birks Shop
 Day 3 Bazaar life: Sporty Chic
From top to bottom: Cotton On
White & Denim
White details: Cotton On | Jeans: F&H | Bag: Terranova | Sunnies: Bazaar

April month is all about wearing white because it's so hot. I'm loving Cotton On stuff more and more as well. A month full of errands and getaways. I'll share the stories on my next posts. Hope you're still loving my posts. I have a lot of backlogs. Huhu.

Work hard. Travel more. Enjoy most.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Top: BFAS | Shorts & Sunnies: Bazaar | Cap: Oxygen | Slippers: Havs

First of Summer Day 2 in Puero G with Paclebs, Crisostomos and Villanuevas :) I just love this summer-look ootd because it's so me. I'm also into wearing this kind of tank tops and styles so, I'll post more in the next coming days. If you'll ask me how's my experience here... Well, it was a blast and superb especially I'm with the best and awesome people. We had bonding, beach activities, pigout moments, booze nights and unforgettable adventure. Plus, Virgin Island is one of my favorite beaches now. Visit my IG to see other photos.

Not all who wander are lost.