Sunday, April 03, 2016


Tank top: F21 | High-waist shorts and Neck accessories: Bazaar | White sling bag: Cotton On

When a girl/woman decided to finally have a haircut that's shorter and totally new, people would say she been going through something and as always connected to "lovelife". Well, in my case, it's a mixture of "lovelife" reason, convenience when styling my hair before heading to work and because hello, it's summer! :)

I had my had my hair done at David's Salon GB1 branch and never thought ending up having an undercut with hair tat. I have doubts at first but since I was assisted by a super cool hairdresser, I decided to try and finally go for it with my mom's approval. Haha. They also liked the fullness of my hair and yeah, it's a compliment for me. :)
What can you say about my hair style? I just find it sweet and cool for a first timer.

I'm also saying "Hi!" to those people who missed me during the times that I'm out of social media for a month (suicide feeling). I'm so proud of myself that I was able to overcome all the bad and crazy things happened in the past few months. After all the broken heart stage and crying I learned how to love myself more, not to expect anything from anyone anymore and just live the life I want simply because I'm free now. I just hope that some people find their own happiness instead of finding ways on how to annoy someone. :)

So, I'm starting my April light, right and full of good vibes. xoxo.