Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I love shoes and I would love to get a pair for FREE! :) So I'm joining Ms. Aisa's blog giveaway. You should too! Win a pair of shoes from Love Schues.

Just click the link for the mechanics. DE 2012 Giveaway Series: THE TRAVELING CLOSET


Monday, June 18, 2012


I just want to share my delicious experience at the 6th Manila Foods & Beverages Expo event last Saturday, June 16 at World Trade Center. It's a 5-day expo where you'll witness the skills of different culinary experts, learn from seminars and most of all... food tasting.

I won tickets from certifiedfoodies Thank you so much! :)

I love the biscuits here esp. the Le-Mond Mango flavored cream puff sandwich

I'm attracted with the fountain.

Sweets <3

Colorful sweets. Some are made from Davao.

Shakey's On Wheels

Yummy fries!!!

I love the Taiwan Sausage we ordered here.

Something to quench our thirst

My hon's favorite. :)

Favorite drinks

Satisfy your craving

Blueberry Milk Tea from BubbateaLicious first time and it's so good!

Aside from the yummy foods there I also got the chance to watch those breathtaking bartenders from different schools. They are so WOW! :)

I'm vain here. Sorry. I'm in love my outfit especially the stylish summer pants I'm wearing. I won this from Only the marvelous giveaway and it's a product from Miss Mannequin. What I love about the pants is it's so comfy to wear plus I like it's color and unique style.
See and know more about Miss Mannequins' products here: Miss Mannequin Clothing Line 
Thank you so much again! :)

Top: Fab, Pants: Miss Mannequin, Bag: My mom's collection
Owl necklace: Apostrophe, Charms: Love Diva, Jellies: Market

How's your weekend, everyone? Happy Father's Day to all great dads out there. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


A Saturday full of errands cause I went to three different places (Powerplant, Cityland & MOA) Me and my cousin went to Powerplant Mall to pick up our prize from the giveaway of Ms. Danika (visit her blog here: Hello-Rio

Lovely tote bags <3

I want something sweet. Good thing there's Crepes & Cream

I'm w my cousin/sister, Roxie

 w my outfit, Summer isn't over yet

Top: Artwork, Bag: SM-GTW prize, Ombre shorts: Punk X Pretty, Flats: Penshoppe

The ombre shorts I'm wearing is just one of the prizes I got from Ms. Em's giveaway (visit her blog here: LoveandElegance) it's really cool and "PUNKy" right? Hihi. I just love it!  I will post the other prizes soon. Thank you again Ms. Em. :)

After the Powerplant Mall errand, I went to my kabarkada's condo to get something and it only took three mins. Haha. Then I rushed to MOA to have food trip w my boyfie.

 Our All Time Favorite food: Burger King

I love the idea of food sharing w your special someone because it looks sweet and really special.

Mochi Ice Cream Mango Flavor, first time and it's worth it! :)

Just imagine how haggard I am today but I still managed to smile and enjoy the rest of the day. Thankful & Blessed.


Saturday, June 09, 2012


TGIF! and Hello, Pasig again. I had to replace the shoes I got from the PFW bag I won from SM-GTW contest. Good thing it's my mom's rest day so she accompanied me even though the location is too far. Thanks mom! :) 

I just love my shirt. Hihi. I decided to wear this very ordinary kind of outfit cause I'll travel long under the sun. 

My Parisian Comfy

Love Diva accessories

After having a little walk in Silver City Mall, we went to SM Megamall to have our early dinner. Mr. Kimbob it is! :)

Mine is Bibimbob

Katsudon for mama

Mr. Kimbob is one of my favorite fast food store in the food court of SM Megamall and SM Makati. Whenever I feel so hungry this is my satisfaction. So worth it, so healthy and so full. You should try it too! :)

And what a coincident that my dessert is also a Korean food it's "Oishi Manju" a very delicious and irresistible cake loaded with luscious custard or rich mocha filling baked from an automatic oven. I wasn't able to take a picture of it but you can just browse their FB page. I'm loving Korean foods! :)

Top: SM-GTW prize, Bag: ABAKADA, Shorts: Market, Shoes: Marithe Francois Girbaud

How's your TGIF? :)

Sunday, June 03, 2012


The dream event of my life has finally arrived, Blogger's United 3. Though I'm still sleepy and tired from our family outing before this event plus it's also raining, I was able to make it! :)
Thanks for the free tickets Ms. Cheys and Ms. Reg :)

Since, it's raining I just wore a very simple outfit. It's kinda awkward cause I'm too simple for the bloggers I admire but it's also okay cause I was able to have pictures with them. Yayyy! :)

I'm w Ms. Vern Enciso and her sister Ms. Verniece Enciso <3

Hello Ms. Laureen Uy <3

Booth of Ms. Patricia Prieto <3

at around 8pm...

While going downstairs, I saw Ms. Camille Co <3

Accessory shopping before going home

Mustache shirt: Online Shop, Jeggings: Never Been Kissed, Bag: ABAKADA, Jellies: Thrifted

What's inside the Clear Bag? :)

Thanks again to my boyfie for the photos.

I saw a lot of other bloggers there but I wasn't able to take pictures with them. I got shy. Hihi.

Though I didn't stay that long in the event, I'm really blessed and happy that finally I got the chance to meet and say "Hi!" to the bloggers that I'm just seeing in their blog photos. Call me "mababaw" or what but it's a big deal for me cause I'm truly a fan of great bloggers/fashion icons like them. :)

How's your #BU3 experience? :) <3