Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Top & Shorts: Bazaar (forgot the stores where I bought the pieces) | Bag: BU6 | Footwear: Praiaz

Do you love going to bazaars? Do you like buying those chic pieces with a very affordable price? If yes, then I suggest you have to achieve that kinda trendy look first. Sharing what I wore last Friday when I went to Trendsetter's Bazaar at WTC. Whenever I go to bazaars I always go on my usual style and just add a new detail on it. I'm usually a cropped top + high waist + rubber footwear girl (my white Praiaz is a fave and turtle neck tops are sexy). I thought that since I'll be spending most of my time walking around with a lot of people and fitting clothes in different stalls; I need to dress light and comfy.

I'm so happy that I was able to buy a lot of new stuff and a little hesitant but ready to give up the old ones in my cabinet. I just need time to organize everything. Time I need time. Haha.

How's your September so far, everyone? Few days left before we welcome the new month and few months left before it's the beautiful time of the year again. Let' make the most out of our everyday. :)

So,  I'm trying to imitate the high tied-up hairstyle of AG but I guess it's not that too visible on the photos (#feelingera) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Tank top & Jeggings: Cotton On | Cardigan: Factorie | Sneaks: Whoopy Shop

In this life full of drama, challenges and confusion; always remember that the only person you got is yourself. You cannot really depend on someone for your own happiness and validation because the only person who can decide for you is yourself. Whatever you wish to do has nothing to do with the other person's opinion because you act for yourself. Everything boils down on you simply because no one can ever control your life except you.

Yes, I agree that life is unfair and life will never be perfect but let me tell you that no matter how hard life can be there are reasons to be happy and miracles to appreciate. It's around you just don't forget to put yourself first.

Before you can really taste the art of self-love these are the things you need to work on with yourself first: realize all the things you've done in the past, forgive yourself, take time for yourself, make up for the missed opportunities with your loved ones, show kindness, never hate, appreciate the little things around you and truly love yourself. By then you will eventually see that you are changing for the better and you'll feel very thankful.

Know what you need to learn from yourself, one day at a time and choose happiness always. :)