Sunday, August 28, 2016


Top: Bazaar | Pants: H&M | Sneaks: Bershka | Bag: Girbaud

Running errands on a very bipolar weather and can't decide on what to wear? I totally feel you and honestly it's one of my biggest struggles everyday. But let me give you my personal and simple tips on how to survive a busy day while wearing that nice OOTD -- 1st, go for something comfy to wear it can either be a cotton shirt or loose top. 2nd, choose to wear jeans or pants (it's up to you what kind of  jeans just make sure it matches your top). Don't wear a bottom piece that will make you feel uneasy while you are travelling. 3rd, go for leather sneaks or rubber textured shoe wear or slip-ons because nowadays there's always a high possibility of rainfall (I hate rainy days! Haha.) 4th, carry a small or medium sized bags and don't forget to bring your umbrella. :) Overall impact, simplicity at it's best! 

Enough of the OOTD part because the highlight of my post is my 4th hair tat below. So, if you'll just deeply analyze the title then you know what I mean. I mean, you. Let me try to connect... In the span of how many days not even a month yet I was able to prove and knew a lot of things -- combination of good and bad, real and unreal, facts and lies then my brain started to filter. So... Sometimes I wonder but most of the time I disregard because seriously what's the point. Sometimes, I don't get the part of "on and off" but it only means one thing and trust me it's really funny. Sometimes, unexpected scenarios happen and you'll just feel thankful about it.There are a lot of miracles happening everyday and all you have to do is open your eyes and appreciate all of those.

At the end of the day, it's always rewarding to celebrate your blissful solitude because you choose to go up and be enough while the fan is just beneath.


So sad that I missed the Hydro Music Fest. :(

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Blue by the Blue Bay

Dress: Aeropostale | Sling bag: Bazaar

Classy Sporty

Top: Chic | Jeans: H&M | Bag: Terranova | Sneaks: Roshe Nike

Midweek in Makati

Top & Culottes: Bazaar | Bag: Shoebox | Flats: Cotton On

Keep it Casual

Top, Bag & Cardigan: Bazaar | Sunnies: Penshoppe | Pants & Wedge: Cotton On

Leather Weather

Jacket: Bazaar | Tank top & Pants: F21 

RBF mode

Top: Bazaar | Pants: True Love | Sneaks: Vans

Let me say "Hello August" by sharing my OOTDs mostly from July and one from June starting from the very recent photo that was taken before I say goodbye to my birth month. The first and the last photo are the memorable ones and the back stories about it will always be treasured. :) Anyway, all of these are combination of my work and weekend life looks so, what's your fave style for me? Hehe.

August is my work life month and I'm so ready for it. I will miss my social life for sure but everything will be worth it, I know. This time, no more wasting of precious time and I'll just do what I need to do for myself. Keep safe everyone. I had another close encounter with the modus gang last night and thank God I'm saved and still fine. xoxo.