Monday, May 30, 2016


I know for most people it's already goodbye Summer but for me, it just started last weekend. I never had any beach trips since the scorching hot season began and I don't know why or maybe I know why but I'll me just keep it to myself. Hehe. So, I'm kinda deprived of going somewhere to do the "soul search" thingy until one of my barkada asked me to join their Cagbalete getaway. Yes! I'm sharing my much needed escape from the noise and stress of the city life.

Disc: All photos are taken from my iPhone 5s. #TeamAppleForevs

Cagbalete Island

OOTD by the beach Day 1 wearing my summer-inspired DIY top, "wolverine"-like shorts (because it's super ripped) haha! & Havs.

How I wish I can just chill here, forever.

Me time before 6pm.

OOTD by the beach Day 2 wearing crochet crop top, black cross bandeau, maong shorts and white baseball cap (fave!!!) from caia the label :) 

Black Bikini when in doubt.

Summer Tropics

Catch me by the sea moment.

What's the best part of this getaway? I finally learned how to float! Yaaasss! (I know it sounds funny) but for me it's fulfilling because after several attempts of trying to achieve it, I was able do it -- all by myself. Isn't it amazing? Haha. I hope you're all having a great Summer because I am though I'm so nerga. Huhu. But I don't mind as long as I'm enjoying what I'm doing. Now, I'm thinking of where to next? Stay tuned!

More photos are on my Instagram account @yssamaunay or search the #yssatravels hashtag but some photos there are not me or taken by me. xoxo.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Cropped top: Chic | Skater skirt and glasses: Bazaar | Oxfords: Cotton On

Here's my Happy Mother's Day OOTD. How did you celebrate yours with your awesome moms? I really don't know what to wear on that day because it was very hot and I'm too lazy to go malls but I guess I was still able to come up with a chic/minimalist style. What do you think? Thanks to my cousin Meg for taking the first 2 tumblr-inspired photos and to mama for the last photo (my mom is a good photographer as well, hehe!)

I don't know if you also love gray color but I do. You can also match color gray with strong colors and white. It depends on your clothing style too. :) Anyway, I'm just counting days before I leave this city. I really need a break from everything and I will surely blog my experience I just hope it won't rain. :/ xoxo.

Friday, May 13, 2016


Denim Outer Wear and Oxfords: Cotton On | Tank top: Fab | Jogger Jeans: Penshoppe

TGIF OOTD last week and I don’t know why I came up with this very nice style. I just love it. Haha! The denim outer wear is a new fave and you might be seeing it on my next posts soon. I find the clothing very trendy and you can always just pull it out from your cabinet as a last resort to complete your awesome look. So, I guess I’m really back to my blogging life and I’m thinking of leveling up my OOTD styles as well. Any suggestions? :)

I’m hope that you still find my blog interesting though it’s just pure me and my simple styles. Thanks for the anonymous viewers and readers. Feel free to comment, I’d really appreciate it. xoxo.

Saturday, May 07, 2016


Top: @Shopstylehub | Shorts: Cotton On | Sunnies: Bazaar 

How's your summer going everyone? Me? I'm so beach deprived and I can't wait to go somewhere far away from the city to soul search again. So, let me share my recent look after so many weeks of hiding myself from the public. It' s hard to explain why I reached that point in my life but then I realized that I really don't have to hide just because there are people who really don't like me. If you like me, thank you and if you don't, that's not my problem anymore. True enough, right? Don't let other people ruin your happiness because they're so bored in their life and that the last thing they can do is to ruin others. Just keep going and do your thing. :)

Credits to my HS girl friend, Fatima for taking these shots. I really love it! I just added little filter from vsco for the vintage-like effect. If you'll ask, the BAE blog title stands for "Be An Example" you can also follow me on Instagram to see the photos again. lol @yssamaunay.

I'll be posting my summer/away from the city edition blog soon so watch out for it. xoxo.