Friday, March 29, 2013


Top and Studded Jeggings: Unbranded, Sling bag: Tomato, Sunnies: Bazaar, Arm party: Rkkr Stuff, Flats: Tomato

My super latest outfit post for the month of March and my summer heat ootd on a day full or errands last week. I'm too lazy to make porma on weekends cause for me it's my outfit rest day as well since I'm wearing different pieces of mix and match clothes everyday at work. While, the weather is bipolar and at times it's extremely hot outside, I decided to go for something cool and refreshing in the eye color of outfit -- peach/orange colors. I guess this is one of the perfect colors to survive summer heat because it will make you feel fresh all the time. And what can you cay about my studded jeggings? I'm just in love with it. It really caught my attention when I saw this from an ukay store as well as my top. Yes, I'm buying clothes at ukay and I'm not ashamed of it in fact I would love to shop there. :)

In my opinion, choosing the right pieces of clothes whether it's branded or not as long as you are confident enough to carry it, you'll look fab no matter what. :)

Summer is on. Let's get it on! 

Foodgasm: Tempura and Max's

 Kaisen Raisu
Curry Gomoku Yakisoba
Kaisen Sizzler

 Crab and Corn Soup
 Max's Chopsuey Meal
Max's Budget Meal

Hi food lovers! This is a super late food post but just for the sake of sharing my food experiences with you all, I will still post it. :) I'm really in love with seafood and noodles specially if it's Japanese or Chinese. Our experience with Tempura (MOA branch) was a good one though their service is kinda slow. I just love their dishes aside from it's delicious, it's worth the money. My favorite dish is the Kaisen Raisu btw. :) Well, Max's on the other post is already a known resto because of the "simot to the bones" chicken trademark it is also tried and tested by many. I also love their pancit canton because it's very tasty! I'm getting hungry again. More food posts soon...

Eat well. Live well.

Monday, March 04, 2013


Hello March! I had a long break from work since the end of February cause I'm on leave for 2 days and I had my rest day on weekend. I missed work, to be honest but I also wish to extend my leave. Haha. Well, since I want to have a GV for the month of March I decided to go somewhere to relax and free my mind body from stress and pressure at work. Macky and I go for Ace Water Spa experience that has been our plan since last year I think.  Yes it's our first time here! :) *Cameras are not allowed on the spa area so I wasn't able to take a lot of photos.

Dinner Date at Ace Coffee Lounge: CreamyPesto with Cajun Spiced Shrimp, Katsudon and Calamari

 What a small world I saw my schoolmate way back high school days and she's with her cousin. Hi Trisha and Eka. :) 

Top: gift, Bag: Cotton On, Shorts: Bazaar, Flats: Akita

We've consumed the 3 hrs for the spa from 5 pm - 8 pm and it's worth it! I'm really happy that I saw my schoolmate, Trisha that night cause we were able to do some chit chat and picture picture of course. I saw my grade school teacher also which is her mom and I'm touched that she still knows me after all. After the 3 hour spa, we had this superb diner at the Ace Coffee Lounge and the foods we ordered are extremely delicious! :) The over all experience is very very good -- the place, ambiance, staff, services, policies and etc. We will surely go back and by that time we are already with our friends and families, the more the merrier! :)

Take a deep breath and relax.