Thursday, May 31, 2012


The end of hardships and formal student life is now over but it is also the start of a new challenging chapter of my life.
 I can say that time really flies so fast. Before, I was just a kid playing like I don't care with what's happening around me. Now, I'm a college graduate ready to face the real world waiting for me. Every time I think of the days that I'm still studying, it makes me cry cause I know that I will surely miss it after I graduate. I have gone through many trials in the past 16 yrs of being a student especially during my college life. When I looked at the pictures taken from my graduation event, I just realized how blessed I am for having a super mom, cool friends, patient teachers, loving family and an inspiration who all became part of my life and I'm forever thankful to God for these priceless blessings. I'm proud of myself and I know in my heart that all of you are also proud of what I have achieved. :)

Okay, enough of the drama let's go to the real thing. I know that it's kinda late to post grad photos cause another school year will start very soon but there's nothing I can do with the schedule of STI. Here we go...


Crossroads 77

Kenny, Nel, Me, Norleen and Lotte

w my inspiration

Mr. R. Tan (School Dean) & Sir C. Bautista (School Admin)

Cameras are everywhere

Some of my beloved OTL barkada. Graduate na din! :)

My thesis-mates :)

I love you, mama! :)

 We did a great job hon. Congrats to both of us. :)

Meet my cousin Jany.

Mcdo stop over

Dress: Fab, Accessories: Mama's collection Pumps: CWomen
(I didn't notice my pearl necklace. Sorry for that)

We didn't celebrate much after the event my mom just ordered Pizza Hut and we just ate at Mcdo. The plan is to have the big celebration in our family outing on June 1st. So, watch out for my next post. :)

Then, night party after with some of my OTL friends. We just enjoyed the night with laughter, stories and videoke. :)

Congratulations again to my fellow graduates from STI College-Makati and to all the graduates of SY 2011-2012! Cheers! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


STI College - Makati's Thanksgiving Mass for the graduates of SY 2011-2012 happened last May 28, 2012 at Holy Cross Parish.

I became part of the offertory, I offered wine for the priest while my mom was asked by our Guidance Counselor to read the prayer of parents during the mass.

After the mass...

w Ms. Heidy and Ms. Lai 

Outfit - Polo & Pants: Next Jeans, Bag: Bazaar, Shoes: Tomato

After all the picture taking... I rushed to my barkada's despedida. Awww. I'm gonna miss her big time. :(

Me, Joselle a.k.a Bigma & Amhie

Amhie and I are the early birds. Haha. Bigma, be safe and we'll see each other soon.

Since my mom is waiting for me at Rob. Manila, I left Bigma's place by 6 pm. I saw my seatmate(Nelle) and her cousin Diane too. 

Crepes & Cream time! (Crepes & Cream Delight for me and Mango Mania for mama)

We just had dessert, bought some stuffs after we eat then, go home and rest. :)


Monday, May 28, 2012


I got this fab prize/experience from the blog contest of Ms. Tara Cabullo. A "Nail Spa Date" at Beauty & Butter salon. I can't even remember the last time I had salon to pamper myself and have nail art so, I just tried my luck, joined her contest and answer the question. Luckily, I won! :)

I'm with my ever supported and sweetest mom in the world.

Beauty & Butter SM Megamall branch

w Ms. Tara :) visit her beauty blog here:

Cute logo of B&B, GC Wintermelon Milk Tea from Ms. Tara (she's so sweet!) and free use of iPad for apps, games and net browsing.
 "I love B&B"

Pampering session...

Hand Paraffin. I love this one. Hehe. :)

Pie, Ms. Tara and ME. Happy girls! :)

So many cute and beautiful colors to choose, I'm confused. 

Meet ate Mariz (I love her headband) she's so nice to me and she did a great job on my mani and pedi. Thank you po! :)

Taadaaa! I love my nails. Hihi. Pastel inspired colors for my mani and baby pink plus flower design for my pedi. 

unorganized stuffs.

After the pampering session. SMILE! :)

I just love everything at Beuty and Butter! :) I love the chikahan moments with my new gorgeous friends. Ms. Tara is truly humble, sweet and nice. Thank you again for this awesome "kikay" experience it's such a pleasure meeting you. I hope to meet you again soon.

Rest and eat something sweet. Krispy Kreme

Rompers: Bazaar, Bag: AMBLVD, Jellies: thrifted Watch: gift

I bought the rompers at the SuperSale Bazaar. Thank you Ms. Maris for the 10% discount. :) 

My nails are ready for Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation Day! Yeyyy!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Me and my boyfriend attended the 5:30pm show at Hall 2 of SMX. Our invites came from Veejay Floresca but we also saw the collections of the other three designers namely: Chris Jasler, Melchor Guint and Philipp Tampus. So many photos to be posted so I decided to just make a collage for each designer's show. :)





and of course last but not the least...


I just chose and posted the designs I liked the most from the show. Sorry for some blurry shots.

After event photos...

Red & Black

I'm a lucky girl. Unexpected picture moment with Victor Basa.

Dinner time. We missed BonChon!

Dessert time ( Death by Tablea & Red Velvet cupcake)
It's our first time at Chocolat and it's so worth it! Cakes are heaven.

Meet my man, Macky. We're both first timers in PH Fashion Week and I'm so happy that we enjoyed the show and the crowd. Thanks for being my escort. <3

Dress: Roxie's collection, Pumps: CWomen, Bag: SM, Necklace: YRYS, Bangles: gift, Flats: Penshoppe

My flats saved my ouchy feet. Tiring day but superb! I will definitely be present in next Philippine Fashion Week event with more shows to watch. :) 

How's your week guys? Hope you also had a superb experience just like mine. :) xx