Saturday, December 31, 2016

ADIEU 2016

2016 has been the most painful year for me and I will not deny that it is because of a heart-break that I never thought will happen. It was very tiring and draining up to the point where I found myself chasing hurt over and over again. The rest is history but I totally agree on the 5 stages of moving on after break up. I felt every stage of it and to tell you it is not easy as counting 1, 2, 3; it's like every day is a survival challenge. I learned how to face each day by all by myself and disregarded those people who truly care. In short, I lost myself in loving someone too much. But a sudden realization hit me then I asked myself, what if this happened after x years? For sure I have missed a lot of good things and experiences because I didn't let go and accept the reality. Plus, I wouldn't be more grateful just as what I am now. 

So while I learn the process of moving on.. I became closer to my family, I had more bonding time with my cousins, I had new first time experiences, I got to meet my old friends, I got to explore things on my own, I became more dedicated to my work, I got to spend more time with people who wanted me around, I shopped for myself, I go on dates with myself, I had more dates with mama, I became more open to my family, I gained self-respect, I learned how to be kind even if others are not, I went back to Him to say sorry, I learned the value of time, I had all the time in the world to do whatever I want, I've been drunk at times but that's okay, I've met new people along the way and most of all, I learned to be independent.

I thought I will never ever survive the tragedy, I thought the pain will stay forever; I thought this will never end and I thought it's the end of the world for me but I was wrong. The last 2 months of my 2016 turned out differently and unexpectedly because for the first time in a long time, I was happy; really happy I must say. :) In the span of 60+ days someone reminded of my worth and value as a person that's why I'm always thankful and blessed in little ways. I also had people around me who lifted me up and made me realize the beauty of the world out there if you'll just explore it. So, I did. And.. I will not rush on love because I'm just starting to discover and appreciate everything around me by myself -- I want to be full and I want to fill my heart with love because I want to be the best partner to my man in the future. Yihee! Haha. :D (commercial laugh)

Now as I write my good bye post to my most unforgettable but full of learning year, I only learned one thing and that is "Acceptance". The moment I felt it, I became free and alive again. It was very hard at first but you know nothing is really permanent in this world even the people around us; they come and go but life must still go on. You forgive but never forget what it taught you. You let people go because loving them will never be enough to make them stay. You cannot also take them out of your history because they have been there in the first place and they have been amazing too. So, thank you for all the lessons and sorry for all the wasted times my year 2016. It's time to leave all the pain, bitterness and hurt behind. I'm moving forward to my year 2017 full of hope, new beginnings, fulfilled plans and better self. (this time, I really mean it). Yes, I'm so ready for you 2017! :) Let the countdown begins...

Sharing some beautiful memories of my 2016..

Voltron Team Building w my Netsol friends

Welcome home dinner for Kuya Josh and Ate Jhan's family :)

Netsol Sundown Party. Finally saying good bye to my first account in Aegis.

My Wave 2.2 and 6.2 Frontier trainees in TP Alphaland.

KTV night with TP Alphaland Frontier trainers

My soul-searching moment in Cagbalete Island (first time here)

The every Friday or weekend bonding moments with my bebes (Meggy & Jona) guess who's who :D

Thank you to my #TeamSBPagMayTime for always being there for me

First time at Maghinhawa with Kuya Romer, Shade and Nhel

Welcome home Tita Thel. Lunch after Sunday mass. :)

The much needed getaway with my beautiful aunts at Mindoro & Puerto Galera

My very first rave party at Vibrant Fest with my awesome friends (Ish and Rafa) 

Celebrated my 25th birthday with these people. I love you all. <3

One of the greatest gifts I received this year is when I found a new family in IBEX Global after I left Aegis/TP. Hello to my Team Equinix Helpdesk and yes, I met new people again.

Successful Windows Training groufie.

Met these pretty friendivas of Equinix Helpdesk. ;)

Welcome Home Ate Jhei girls night out and our visit to Lotte, it's been 1 year. :( We miss you.

Badminton Fridays with the constant people plus new faces of Verizon folks

First time in the city of love, Iloilo with Mikay and Carol plus Ate Mimz

Overnight bonding with my cousins at Las PiƱas

Finally! Reunited with my Banapplemates (Dy, Louie and Ely)

I'm back in Baguio but this time with my new found friends 

Met new people again during my CCT Certification with ISM trainers 

Christmas parties I attended -- IBEX Mission Possible, EHD party at Antipolo, Cheaters YEP 2016 and IBEX trainers party

Whoa! As I look at the photos I uploaded here, I can say that it's a been wonderful year after all and I survived. Thank you everyone for being part of my 2016. You are all awesome! :) <3 Time to plan my 2017 bucket list. xoxo.

Monday, December 26, 2016


Nude Romper & Headdress: Bazaar | Sneaks: Bershka

Last weekend's something sexy look for the Cheaters YEP 2016 (thank you Rommel for the shots). Super catch up with my good vibes Netsol worklifemates since most of us haven't seen each other for months. We had Thai dinner at Nav's then went to Coffee Project to chill and have our short exchange gift program. I really missed our chikka and kalerks bonding moments; til net time my dear Cheats! My IG is on public again just check out our photos there. :)

For the OOTD part, it's my first time to wear a nude color clothing and I guess it's kinda classy; I also liked the style of the romper I bought from MSB bazaar. The hair style wearing the gold leaf headdress is something I just thought of while were in the car and it looked nice I think. What do you think?

This is my last backlog to share before my 2016 year-end post. How's your Christmas everybody? I hope you had a good and memorable one. xoxo.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Catsuit: Cinderella | Ankle Strap Heels: WBazaar | Bag: Girbaud | Hair & Makeup: Ystilo Salon

My glam and classy look last December 11 for IBEX Global's YEP 2016 held at Valkyrie club. Finding what to wear on this kind of event (which is my usual problem) didn't became a problem at all because believe me or not the catsuit I'm wearing was from my closet that I hoarded from a bazaar shopping I had way back. It's really a perfect timing that the company's YEP theme is #MissionPossible where employees should wear something that has a touch of black, red or white color. And the pair of black strappy heels is a dream come true and just like you, I love it, too. Thank you for all the compliments. Yes, I'm Mission Possible. ;) xoxo.

Did you noticed the different ways I carried my bag on the photos? That's a plus on this post. One of the reasons why I love sling bags with handles, you can carry it in various styles depending on your mood. Now, if you'll ask me how's our YEP, it was a blast! I really enjoyed the moments on the dance floor and I'll definitely go back to Valk.

Sharing my once in a year grand event preparation below. Haha! :)

A day before we celebrate the most beautiful time of the year so early as now, I'm sending my Happy Christmas message to everyone visiting my page and reading my posts. Thank you, thank you! Stay tuned for more. <3

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Stairway to my comfy bed
Outer wear: Cotton On | Jeans: True Love | Sneaks: WhoopyShop

Top: Bazaar | Jeans: Bershka | Bag: Cotton On

Dress: MuraShopClothing | Sunnies: Bazaar

Maybe Christmas means a little bit more.
Christmas Village

Late share of my photo diary and probably my last getaway for this year. Again for the 3rd time, I had an amazing vacay in Baguio and this time it's very different (Thank you Daisy for inviting me on your Pre-Birthday celebration. Love yaa! :)). I felt complete bliss and though some memories of my past still lingers here, dealing was just so easy. For the first time in a long time, I get to ride on a bike which reminds me of how free I am like a kid and just do whatever I want. The city tours were splendid, food trips were superb and cold nights were filled with laughter. The Christmas Village moments really captured my heart and soul; everything around me is beyond beautiful and new memories started to quash the past. My stay here made me realize a lot of things, again -- true people in my life, appreciation of the now, healing wounds and letting go of what I cannot control. This time I'm choosing happiness.

Sharing my under 19 degrees OOTDs too. Haha! :) few more days before Christmas and hello 2017 still I have 2 backlogs post. Stay tuned! xoxo.