Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Tank top: Cotton On | Galaxy Short: Punk & Pretty | Hon's Vans Cap | Sandals: Parisian

One of the back log posts for this month taken last 2 weeks ago when we watched the movie "Da Possessed" and I'm happy it's not corny as what I'm expecting. :D  And in case you're wondering why most of OOTDs look like this, yes! It's one of my favorite kind of OOTDs on a lazy weekend-- tank top, high-waited short and sandals or sneaks cause it's plain and sexy. Lol. :) I just added a feeling gangsta look by wearing a cap I borrowed from Macky. Haha. What can you say? "Ang lakas maka that's my tomboy eh"

I have 2 more posts to blog for April, so watch out! :)

They may have hurt you but they also made you stronger.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Top: Onion Laundry | Jeans: Zara | Flats: Cotton On | Sunnies: Bazaar

Lately, I'm into "tuck-in" look simply because I'm bored with my usual style of just mix and matching tops with jeans or skater skirt. So, here's for a change also featuring my closed-lips smile! :) What I like about this OOTD is the simplicity of the pieces with a twist (but I don't know what's the twist. Lol) Let me share the story behind this ambush photo shoot taken by one of my super close friends in Netsol, Dyan. It's her end shift and also the end of my class, I don't have any plans of taking this OOTD because I feel haggard and all but I'm thankful to have a supportive friend who's willing to take pictures of my everyday working lady look. :) I love you friend! And yes, we had breakfast date in Mcdo last Wednesday. Yay!

It's the 3rd week of my new hire class for Batch 122 and so far everything is good. Thank you God for giving me a cool and cooperative pilot class. I'm just hoping for consistency until the end of our training in May. I know this is too futuristic but my greatest wish is to have 100% graduation rate after their Nesting. Aja! :)

Find happiness and determination then inspire people.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Dress: Folded & Hung | Silver Accessories: gift | Wedge: Cotton On

Here's my OOTD last Saturday when I attended the wedding of Marysue and Pedro in Subic, Zambales with my other Netsol workmates (credits to my friend Rommel for the shots). This dress I bought in Folded & Hung is just perfect for the motif of their wedding which is baby pink and silver. I also love pink and silver or gray combination. :) I'm also loving the wedge I bought from Cotton On because aside from the simplicity of the design it's so comfy that I can walk for hrs wearing it. Sorry for my haggard/pale but natural face without make up or anything because after my shift we traveled right away to the venue under the scorching heat of the sun. :/

This is the 3rd wedding event that I have attended in my entire stay in Netsol and I'm always grateful to be part of occasions like this because I got the chance to travel, enjoy and unwind with my friends. Well, what more I can say to the newly weds, Congratulations!!! :) best wishes!

Someday, someone will come into your life and ask you that you both go and get married. <3

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Bikini: SM & Oxygen | Flops: Rubi | Sunnies: Fly 

It's summer time and I just got back from my super well spent vacay/weekend. I went to Laguna last Friday for Markrosoft's 3-peat Victory Getaway and Subic to unwind and relax last Sunday. :) This is my big break and my escape from reality before I handle a class for Batch 122 of Network Solutions next week. My bikini is just a mix and match from my closet because I ran out of time to buy a new set but I will on my El Nido trip either on May or June. :)

I'm back being a working lady and I have a lot of things to accomplish and attend to -- peer trainer certification, civil service exam, new hire class, wedding event, Nagsasa outing and etc. :) For 1 month, I'll be busy bee but I will find a way to update my OOTD posts here.

Enjoy and appreciate life now before it's over.