Thursday, August 29, 2013


Jumper: Fab, White top: Bazaar, Sunnies & Necklace: Forever21, Loafers: Cotton On

Old sCOOL OOTD it is! :) I can't believe that the jumper I'm wearing will still fit on me though I bought this piece way back when I was in my college/slimmer days. Haha. So, what's up with my style? I matched the gray jumper with a plain white top and white polka sunnies to balance the crisp and cool look. Loafers are friendly footwear whenever your wearing shorts it will never let you down specially if you have so many errands within a day. See my IG #ootd post for this here:

In the next three days, it's already BER month, beginning of Christmas countdown, new rest days at work, good bye Head Council for team Markrosoft and etc. So many changes that I need to look forward with a positive mind.

Sometimes you need to accept and just move on.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013



Black top: Cotton On, Gray bandeau: YRYS, Ombre shorts: Bazaar, Cap: Oxygen, Arm parties: Bazaar, Leather sneakers and necklace: Forever 21

Here's my swagg-like ootd on a rainy day last Sunday and yes I survived the wintry atmosphere with this outfit only. I would like to highlight my favorite pair of sneakers from Forever 21. Isn't it cute and nice? I love the simplicity of color and texture plus it's perfect for any kind of weather too. Since, I'm on my typical look again I decided wear a tank top match it with ombre shorts that will contrast the colors. To be honest, the ombre shorts I'm wearing is too big for my waist but still I managed to carry the swagger style. Haha. The cap is a new fashion to me cause I'm not really used to it but I find it cool though.

I'm getting skinny already and I'm loving it. :D What's my secret? Tae Bo, dance workout, Active-v, crackers and banana Mondays-Fridays. I've been doing this for 3 months already I find it effective. Good job to me. :)

No pain. No gain.

Sunday, August 04, 2013


Polka top: F&H, Shorts: Penshoppe, Necklace: F21, Watch: Timex, , Maong hand bag & flats: Tomato

Here I go again with my usual look every Saturday -- shirt, shorts and flats on a bipolar weather-day full of errands. Every time I'll go for this kind of OOTD, I always make sure that I will not look boring but rather fresh and nice. :) What's the secret? I add theme, put all the matching pieces together and keep it natural. Yes! I'm so blue and maong for this post and to complete the entire outfit, I chose to wear silver accessories to contrast the color of my clothes. The polka top from F&H is one of the comfy tops I ever wore. I love the ribbon thing at the back of the shirt though it's not visible on the photos because of my poses and my super long hair. Haha. And just to share, Tomato is one of my favorite clothing outlets cause all of their products from accessories, bags, clothes and shoes are just one of a kind. If you noticed my maong textured flats and bag those are some of my Tomato branded items. :)

Tomorrow is an exciting day to look forward to because it's the Wet Season Getaway Team Building of Markrosoft. Yay! :) So for now, I need to rest for a couple of hours and wake up early later. Adios!

No limits. No rules. Just have fun and have a good time.

Thursday, August 01, 2013


Top: Bazaar, High-waisted lace shorts: from office, Black & Gold spiked necklace: Bazaar, Flats: Bazaar
Cropped top: Akita, Shorts: Bazaar, Watch: Casio, Sunnies: Bazaar, Flats: Bazaar
Aztec top: from office, Splatter jeggings: Never been kissed, Sling bag: AMBLVD, Watch: Timex, Neon gladiator sandals: Cotton On
Dress: gift from Tita Mon, Pearl neckalce: from Mama, Chic Wedge: Zanea

Hello August! :) I know I'm one day late for my July #OOTDs post I have so many things to do this past few days and I have so little time to accomplish them all. Anyway, here we go again with my fashion/style outfits all simple and natural except for my bangs. Haha. I just want to thank my cousin, Roxie for the super cute wedge on my last photo cause it really suits my "porma" that time when I attended the wedding of my co-Markrosofter. Now, I'm thinking of buying one too for myself which I can use for special occasions and etc. Btw, excuse my room background I don't have anyone else to take my photo when I'm at home (credits again to my cousin for this)

Another month to prepare for my OOTDs and I'm thinking of something that is a-not-so-me and sweater weather outfits. Hmm, I need to check my closet again, grab all those old/new clothes and put them all together. :) Keep posted with my next posts guys. xoxo.

Do something different and never regret it.