Friday, December 28, 2012


Here's what I wore during the Christening of my super cute inaanak, Razzy the daughter of my cousin. It was held last December 25 also the birthday of Papa Jesus. Well, I attended the event straight from my 9hr shift this is actually my JGH-face (so natural) since I'm not used in putting make-up. A big thanks also to my cousin for letting me borrow this dress that I'm wearing. I matched it with my new baby (wedge from Parisian) and stone detailed accessories to make my outfit a bit formal.

Floral Dress: Borrowed from Roxie, Studded Bag: Bazaar, Sunnies: Bazaar, Stone Bracelet: Borrowed from Mom, Stone Ring: Gift, Wedge: Parisian, Nails: Beauty&Butter

Dress to impress.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Last December 23, 2012, we had our annual Christmas party with my OTL barkada. I've decided to finally wear this sheer blouse I bought from a bazaar last year. I know it's been too long well I bought it so I have an investment of good pieces of clothes to use in the future. I guess this is the right time for me to wear it. 
It's too late for me to notice that I'm wearing all black and I have no choice but to go for it so I just add something that will make my style look chic and nice (rhyming, eh?) Haha.

Sheer blouse: Bazaar, High-waisted shorts: Love Trends, Pink Mustache Necklace: Bazaar, Owl ring: Genevieve Gozum, Black flats: Market

I love this outfit. It's quite classy but simple the sheer blouse and the high-waisted shorts says it all. Hihi.

Love your friends.


I have so many backlog posts I have to keep up. Anyways, Hi! I'm in my typical porma again  and you can notice it here on my posts. I just feel comfy wearing shorts with style whenever I go to malls. Btw, this is what I wore last Dec. 21, 2012 when we had our dinner/shopping date of course I'm with my one and only. 

Black shirt: Bazaar, Shorts: Market, Rubi bag: Cotton On, Accessories: Bazaar and Rkkr Stuff, Spikey flats: Tomato

Little by little I'm getting all the things that I wish to have. Now, it's my dream spikey shoes. Haha. Finally, I found you. I'm not punk or what not, I'm just loving spikes right now. I find it cute. :)

Monday, December 17, 2012


Saturday after shift attire for World Bazaar Festival, biggest bazaar event of the year held at World Trade Center, Pasay. I haven't sleep yet so sorry for my haggard-whatever face. Haha. I still managed to look fine though deep inside I wanna rest cause I've been sleepless for the past few days.
Shopping is one of my favorite past time (if I have budget) especially on this season. I also promised to myself before that once I get a job and earn money on my own I can buy anything I want. So I grabbed this chance to pamper myself with awesome goodies and foodies at the bazaar.
My favorite cropped top and bronze jeans :)

 Top: Onion Laundry, Bag: from US, Bronze jeans: Dollhouse, Accessories: Bazaar and Rkkr Stuff, Flats: Bazaar

Blogger's United 4 event was also held at WTC however, I wasn't able to stroll and stay long  I guess I'm too late for the good pieces to buy from my idol bloggers and because there's just so much people in the place. I will make "bawi" next time. Haha.

How's your bazaar experience so far? :)

Monday, December 10, 2012


Here's what I wore last night at Aegis' Year End Party held at One Esplanade, Pasay City. The theme of APlus Party is red carpet so I decided to wear something simple/common yet WOW and trendy. Black and silver ang peg!

 Dress: Soiree, Bag: SM, Bangles: Mom's, Silver Accessories: Gift, Shoes: CWomen

Now, I'm loving mullet dresses. It's perfect for night occasions like this and so lady when it comes to fashion. I'm happy with the outcome of my hair and make up and the way I look with  the mullet dress. I'm also flattered with the compliments from the people at the party last night . I must thank the hair and make up plus the dress. :D Anyways, this is another one of a kind event of my 2012 cause I became closer with my co-agents at Network Solutions and yes my first office party ever. :)

How's your Christmas parties so far? :)


Top: Next Jeans, Leggings: Bazaar, Bag: Cotton On, Sunnies: Bazaar, Armparty: Rkkr Stuff, Oxford: Artwork

Hi. Here's what I wore last Thursday shift I tried matching my first ever Oxford shoes with leggings and it's a good style indeed. Well, I'm still thinking of other clothes that will deal nicely with Oxford shoes (shorts and shirt is an example) What can you suggest? :)

December love!