Friday, October 28, 2016


Finally! The better late than never Fetty Wap Challenge video is up on my YouTube and blog. I told you guys I'll upload a vid as promised from my Nobody's Better post. Haha. And because I can't do it alone, with me are my OTL girls; Tin and Ate Jhei on our tank tops and sneaks. What an achievement to dance on street/park with people walking and watching but we don't mind because we just really want to have fun and be crazy for just one night. Lol.
A big thanks and credits to our super patient and supportive Videographer, Nhel Santos. Yay! :)

Taken last Oct. 15 after our girls night out at Rue where we celebrated the despedida of Ate Jhei over good food and caramel beer. A lot of things happened in just one day and every single part of it was very memorable. For the meantime, enjoy the video and I know it's not quite but we are just spreading good vibes to all. Peace yo!

My OOTD on the vid will be posted soon. xoxo.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Jumper Dress & Glasses : TBazaar | White top: Cotton On | Bag: Thrift Store | Sneaks: Whoopy

Sharing what I wore during the last day of Windows Training which is also our Graduation Day held last October 2 and yes, I'm on my fave white sneaks again. Haha. This is also the reason why sometimes I'm not on weekends off and sometimes I get long weekends off. Haha. I've learned a lot from the training and I what I liked the most is the hands-on activities. Thank you, Equinix for this opportunity and Pheonix One for the completion certificates.

Another backlog post for this month and stay tuned for more. :)

Dedicating this post also to my future new, I know you're just out there and I'm not in a rush, I'm still healing and that's why I'm posting the fave quote I read somewhere by Rupi Kaur...

I want to be full on my own.
I want to be so complete.
I could light the whole city and then
I want to have you cause the two of us combined could set it on fire. 🌙🌸

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Bikini top: TBazaar | Flops: Rubi

Summer feels on a BER month and yes this is a late post from our Sea Breeze trip last almost end of September on my blue top bikini. I've been so beach deprived that time that's why I said yes on this outing. As long as there's water either pool or beach, I'm always on the go. I've been into a lot of things lately but I'll sure post all the backlogs I have. I guess I still have 4 or 5 more which is wow. :)

Nothing too much to say I just missed the water and my bikini life moments. When was your last water outing/escapade? How was it? xoxo.

Saturday, October 01, 2016


Halter top: Bazaar | High-waist: Your Eyes Lie | Bag: BU6

Hello October! :) I only got 3 months to make the most out of my 2016 and I just can't wait to finally experience the "I'm free" moment of my life. I can't elaborate more because I know it's been a while already but because of wrong decisions and uncontrollable actions, I had to experience it the hard way; and it's okay. It was just too late for me to realize the worth of everything that I'm doing and most especially my worth as an individual. Let's not discuss the detail of the catastrophe because it's way too much than I expected and worst part of it... the story got twisted. It's kinda funny and I can't comment anymore. The good thing is I'm out of the crazy game and though I'm on my own now, I'm happy. It's the time to open my heart and mind to something new and I truly deserve. Cheers! :)

Let me share the lyrics (not all though) of my post title and I'll post my Fetty Wap challenge video soon. I'm just finding the right time to record it. Haha! 

Do you really wanna put it that way?
Is that all you have to say?
I gave all my love to you
And you're throwin' it all away
It was not too long ago, you were sayin'
"Baby won't you come my way?
Cannot, cannot keep you out my brain"
So I gotta know

Baby can you tell me how you feelin'?
I ain't feelin' the way I'm feelin' about you right now

See I really wish that I could believe
The words that you are sayin' to me, baby
I need a little bit more from you than that
I need a little bit of honesty
Let me know when you're ready to love me
Baby let me know when you're ready to love me
And only me, yeah

Baby what you give is what you get
Talk to me, forget the rest
Nobody's better by your side than me
Baby what you give is what you get
Talk to me, forget the rest
Nobody's better by your side than me
Please don't take me lightly
I like you and you like me
I won't believe the hype, baby
If you treat me right
Please don't take me lightly
I like you and you like me
I won't believe the hype, baby
If you treat me right