Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Peplum top & Flats: Cotton On | Jeans: Forever21 | Infinity necklace: Anagon Collection | Watch: Casio | Bag: Penshoppe
Dress: Gift from Tita Mon | Bag: Tomato | Watch: Timex | Wedge: Cotton On
Dress: Tomato | Necklace: Bazaar | Watch: Casio | Wedge: Cotton On
Blue top: F&H | High waisted shorts: Bazaar | Sneaks: Vans
Top & Lace shorts: Kemelatik Fashion | Sling bag: Got from exchange gift | Flats: Cotton On
Inner top and heart necklace : Bazaar | Cardigan: SM | High waisted shorts: Love Trends | Bag: Penshoppe | Loafers: Cotton On

And before year 2013 ends, here are my December Outfit Of The Days post and most of them are taken by my personal photographer, Macky Pacleb (thank you hon. ILY!) :) Let me share quick details for each OOTD-- first photo is my usual semi-formal work attire specially when I have training and classes because it's a must that I look presentable, second photo was taken last 12/22/2013 when Macky and I had our most special dinner of the year at Italianni's, third photo was taken during noche buena night with my family and just to share the dress I'm wearing was bought way back February in Tomato. Hehe. Fourth photo was my Christmas Day porma when I had coffee and bonding night with my high school friends; Fatima and Seatmate'Nelle (I got my SB planner too) fifth photo was taken last Saturday when Macky and I watched MMFF's My Little Bossings in Greenbelt 1 and the last photo was my last night's ootd when Macky, Roxie (my cousin) and I went to Greenbelt to have quality bonding together. Have noticed my lakas maka-teenager 2014 hair? I think it's too short but what else can I do. I'll just wait for another 2 yrs. Haha.  :) And with all of these OOTDs, now I'm out of clothes to wear. Lol.

This year happened too fast for me with all the aspects of my life. There are moments of success, gratefulness, appreciation, failures, obstacles, heartaches and lessons learned. Year 2013 taught me how to have time management with my work, how to balance career and social life, how to limit myself from things that I shouldn't be doing and how to value important people in my life. I will now leave all the pain, tears and bad memories that I've experience this year. It's time for me to find and know myself more because from there I'm sure that I will be making right decisions in my life and it will be perfect again.

Thank you to all who became part of my 2013. May we all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! :)

Cheers to 2014!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Mid rib top: Bazaar | Skater skirt: Cotton On | Sling bag: Tomato| Accessories: Forerver21  | Wedge: Parisian

Hello! I look so chic with my QA & Training Team Christmas Party OOTD last December 21 and finally I had the guts to wear this mid rib top I bought during BFAS. :) I matched the top with just a plain black skater skirt, a  pair of Parisian wedge (tiis ganda mode) plus red lipstick (weapon for my pale face). We ate at Brazil Brazil located in Serendra and man! it was really food overload, pig out! -- pasta, rice, steaks, chicken, pork, meat, desserts and many more. We also had exchange gifts and I received a black with gold details sling bag from the QA Supervisor, Ms. Tina. Thank you! I love it! :)

After the event with my workmates, Macky and I headed to JC's place for our barkada's Christmas Party as well. Can you just imagine how dead tired I am plus how my tummy looks like? Lol. Booze night with friends til 5 in the morning but that's fine because I had super fun and I enjoyed both parties I attended. :)

Good friends are those who will not judge you despite of your imperfections.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Peplum dress: bought from Kat V. | Bag: Tomato | Accessories: Forever21 | Wedge: Cotton On

Super throwback blog post. Here's my black and gold theme OOTN that I wore last Dec. 7 when I attended Limelight - Aegis Year End Party. I look so different here and I like it. Haha. What can you say about my peplum dress? It looks gorgeous, right? The lace detail at the back is my favorite part and I chose to wear a 2-inch  gamuza wedge to lessen the hassle of walking around the venue. And of course there's the never ending picture taking and stuff. It was a superb night indeed and I always look forward to this once a year event of Aegis.

Sorry for my not so related background on the first 3 photos. I'm in a rush and I lack time find a good place to do my so called "photo-shoot".

Sometimes you deserve to look different.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Shirt: Baguio | Shorts: Penshoppe | Sunnies: Bazaar | Watch: Swatch | Sneaks: Vans

Late post OOTD last weekend wearing the shirt I bought from Baguio and the couple sneaks from Vans. Thanks hon for this early Christmas gift. I really love it! :) So, we're like siblings on the last photo. What can you say? Haha. It was a long, tiring and happy tummy day for us that's why it's one of the reasons why I love weekends. 

What's your Christmas Wish List? :)

It will always be YES to weekends.

Saturday, December 07, 2013


Sweater, Sunnies & Knitted Leggings: Bazaar | Sling Bag: Amblvd | Oxford Shoes: Artwork
Top: Cotton On | Pants: Penshoppe 
 Dress & Flats: Cotton On | Watch: Swatch

I know I'm late for this post but for the purpose of blogging... Well, November is one of my favorite months of the year aside from the fact that it's closer to Christmas Day it's also my Anniversary month with my one and only. :) In the middle of my busy days at work still I was able to manage to style myself and have OOTD every week. Thanks to my ever supportive boyfie/photographer for my blog photos. Oh, Hello December! :)

It's the most beautiful time of the year.