Thursday, June 30, 2016


Tamarraw Falls

So lost, I'm faded OOTD ;)
Top, sunnies and shorts: Bazaar | Sling Bag: AMBLVD | Flops: Rubi

Day 2 and while we're on our way to Mindoro to visit our lola and titas, we had picture taking first at Tamarraw Falls and my OOTD shoot is a must of course. Hehe. Thanks ma and tita May for taking my awesome photos. I really feel like I'm lost and slowly finding myself at this place plus I really enjoyed being with my titas.

Sharing with you the famous Punta Beach resort in Mindoro (if not, maybe for my titas only) and my "buwis-buhay" shots by the beach. 

Mindoro Tropics

The turtle shaped rock formation

Bae by the beach ;)

Spot the turtle.

Mix n match bikini and sunnies

This is the most memorable vacation trip I had with my titas not only because they're complete but everything is just full of good vibes and creating happy memories. My family is my medicine and I'm blessed every day because I have them in my life. It was never easy these past few weeks and months but God helped me see what I truly needed and what really matters -- it's me finding myself, alone.
Btw, credits to my wonderful mom for all my solo photos here. Love you, ma! :) 

June is a month of mixed emotions and happenings in my life. Now, we're saying goodbye to another month that taught us lessons in life. Thank you, June I learned a lot and it's all in the hard way I must say that's why now I'm taking one day at a time to just live and enjoy my life. :)

Weee! It's the start of my birth month tomorrow and exactly 6 days from now it's my special day again. Hihi. I don't have any plans yet but I know I should be planning already so, good luck to me. Haha. Anyway, I hope you end your June well and start your July full of optimism and excitement, just like me. :)


Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Black cover up: from Tita Thel | Bikini: F&H | Flops: Rubi

Day 2 before leaving Puerto.

Day 1 of my paradise life with my aunties at Puerto G. I'm an island girl again just don't mind my uneven tan lines. Hehe. I had my new undercut design too and this time it's a perfect flower and I really love it! (see 2nd photo). 

It was indeed a happy bonding day with my titas and I'm also proud that I'm their historian during the much needed vacay period. I'll post my Mindoro photo diary Day 2 with my OOTD on my next blog. Stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Top, Sunnies and Shorts: Bazaar | Sling bag: AMBLVD | Sneaks: Vans

Have you attended a music festival or perhaps a rave party ever in your life? Well, I just experienced mine last Saturday when me and my awesome friends (Ish and Rafa) became part of the Vibrant Fest 2016/Go Wild With Paint party held at Circuit Makati. But before the party life, OOTD photo sesh first and sorry that I have to post these photos w different backgrounds. I super love each and every pic (credits to Rafa). Hehe. As for my look, I opted to just wear something that's comfy and cool but will still keep me chic though I did change my top during the event because I would prefer wearing color white top when they shower us with paint, yes various colors of paint. :)

The crowd is full of good vibes partyphiles where you can dance, jump and shout whenever you want to and I promise you they won't mind. It's partying and enjoying in every beat of the music (electronica and RnB) from the DJs' record turntables and mixers like it's the last day of your life. YOLO, right? Better make the most of out it. :)

It was indeed the wildest music and paint festival and I'm still looking forward to party more. So, stay tuned for my next #ImALegitPartyphileOOTD haha! I hope everyone's having a great time, too. Sharing with you all the homily last Sunday... Learn to let go of the past, face the challenges in the present and always be grateful that you're alive -- these are the keys to a peaceful and happy life.

Thursday, June 02, 2016


Mid-rib top: BFAS | Jeans: H&M | Sweater: Penshoppe | Bag: AMBLVD | Sneaks: Whoopy Shop

Since the #BU11xPassionFly OOTD theme is pastel, here's my version it. Looking at these photos, I fell in love with myself  for the sole reason that I only had 3hrs of sleep but still managed to look delightful. (Do I, really? Haha.) :)

Okay. Enough of the story behind my look. The bazaar was held at Green Sun Hotel and many thanks to Kat V. for the free passes, me and cousins enjoyed the experience. It's super blockbuster that I cannot stay long on a specific blogger booth to choose clothes because of people flow but swear there are a lot of awesome stuff to buy (crossed out 3 items from my list). I'm also happy to see and have pictures/selfies with my fave/inspiration bloggers.
Til the next BU event. :)

Credits to my cousins, Meg and Jona for taking these perf OOTD photos. And oh, it's June! :))) xoxo.