Monday, November 26, 2012


Time for another food post!

 Cool idea, right? I love this thing!
 Rock Salt & Cheese Wintermelon & Honeydew Fruit Tea with Basil Seeds
Rock Salt & Cheese Strawberry & Yakult Peach Fruit Tea with Popping Boba

It's actually my 5th or 6th time in Alteatude and I'm really a happy customer! I can say that this is my second favorite milk tea store next to Gong Cha. I can still remember the first time my boyfriend bought me to the store then we ordered Green Apple Yakult (I guess) and the moment I tasted it, I'm speechless for 30 secs. and I just said "Grabeee! Sarap! Bili tayo ulit bukas." from then on it became my favorite place at Villamor Air Base. I don't know how they make the drinks but all I can say is it's special and it satisfies my love for milk and fruit tea. My goal is to try all of their fruit teas, milk teas and rock salt and cheese teas. Haha. If you're a milk tea lover and want to try something new and worth the price milk tea, I recommend that you try Alteatude.
You may also LIKE them on FB, ALTEATUDE and FOLLOW them on Twitter, @alteatude and the store is only located at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City. :)
Kinda blurry photos from my Ipod Touch. Sorry. :/

 Pork Vienna
Cornmeal Crusted Fish

Here's what me and Macky ordered at Pancake House after we watched Breaking Dawn. Since, I've already tried the Pork Vienna before I go for something healthy and low salt dish (according to the menu.) :) We didn't push through in ordering pancakes for dessert because our tummy is very happy and full, well maybe next time. 
I love the garlic dip of my crusted fish and the viand itself and I bet Macky also enjoyed his food. :)

How's your weekend, people?

Friday, November 23, 2012


 Sweater: Bazaar, Bag: Cotton On, Flats: Solemate

Here's what I wore last Wednesday when me and my hon celebrated our 4th year Anniversary, 11-21-2012. I have a shift at 11pm that day so I decided to wear something that will keep me warm in the office. I love this sweater that I bought from a bazaar event. :)

I'm so thankful for having a stable and happy love life for the past 4 years. I'm lucky to have Macky in my life. #FOREVER21

Stay in love people. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


 Photo souvenir at Cotton On's photo booth  
 Thank you Cotton On PH

Cotton candy from Cotton On. :) I'm like a kid again.

The long travel going to SM North is worth it because I was able to use my 500 discount coupon at Cotton On and I didn't just get one but I got three. Haha. I'm so excited to shop because it's my first time here and I'm really happy with the items that I bought (how I wish I could buy them all) I only purchased what's on my priority list. I will definitely go back and buy more stuff at Cotton On. :)

 Top: Bazaar, Necklace: Personalized Accessories, Studded belt: YRYS, Armparty: Love Diva, Bazaar & Swatch, Shorts: Bazaar, Flats: Solemate

Vintage rings: YRYS & Bazaar

What's new? I'm on my typical outfit again. I'm a shorts-shirt-flats girl look every weekend. I always keep my style simple yet trendy. 

How's your November, everyone?

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Bazaars are everywhere now because Christmas season is fast approaching just like the Superb Super Sale Bazaar held at World Trade Center last month and etc. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend because of low cost budget (awww!) but when I found out that there will be another bazaar coming up where bloggers will sell their stuffs and all, I told myself that I will not let this moment pass again.

So... Here's what I wore last Saturday at the Bazaar For All Season held at Elements Tent, Centris. Mr. Sun is up, the weather is super hot and I will be travelling quite far that's why I decided to wear a comfy yet chic outfit. This is my typical porma actually. Haha.

My Fibrella saved me against the heat
Top: Onion Laundry, Sunnies: Bazaar, Necklace: Personalized Accessories, Arm Party: Love Diva, Shorts: Bazaar, Flats: Penshoppe

How's your November so far? :)


I love going to bazaars because this is also an opportunity for me to meet and greet the bloggers that I'm just following on Twitter, Facebook and their personal fashion site. During the Bazaar For All Season, it's my first time to see other bloggers and so I didn't hesitate to ask if I can have a photo with them. Gosh! They are all WOW! :)

with Ms. Aisa and Ms. Ana
Thank you for the free passes. :)
with Rhea and Kat
My fellow Concordianas. :)

Hi to Chesca and Raiza! :) I also saw other bloggers but I was too shy to approach them. :/ I will next time. :)
Thanks to my one and only for the pictures.
What's next after a long stroll? Eating time! EBI meal from KATSU and Shawarma Rice for honnie (my photographer)
I'm all set and ready to go home. 

Who went to the Bazaar For All Season? How's your experience? :)