Sunday, July 27, 2014


Dress & Flats: Cotton On | Sling bag: SM | Sunnies: Bazaar | Necklace: gift from mama

Late post about my BFAS OOTD last July 12. I'm in love with this polka dress simply because I can also wear it at work and just match it with cardigan, I also love Cotton On stuff. Hehe. Lately, I'm into peek-a-boo dresses I find it chic and really nice. What can you say? :) Watch out for more.

Thank you to my super girlfriend at work, Dyan Maja for being my photographer. And yes, we had our first ever date at Trinoma. Happy day indeed! :)

Don't stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Bikini Top: Same as here | High-waist shorts: Thrifted | Vans cap: from Hon | Slippers: Penshoppe

Here's the last OOTD post from my Bora trip and I know this is very late already but I just want to share how I do my swagger-like and feeling chix look on the beach. Haha. Please don't judge how I do my style or how I mix and match clothes. :) I just like how bikini tops go along with high-waist shorts well, it's kinda cute and yes I'm a big fan of this kind of look especially wearing shorts. I find high-waist shorts trendy and always on the go. What can you say? Btw, shots above are taken in D'Mall and by the beach this is the day when we stroll around Bora and ate a lot, as in a lot.

Sorry to flood you with these posts. I just love everything about this 2nd time around experience. I have other scheduled trips in the next coming months and I'm so excited! :) I will surely blog about it.

Forget how much it hurts and try again.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Bikini: Roxie's | Sunnies: Bazaar

Here's my Day 2 summer OOTD in Boracay wearing something I borrowed from my cousin (thanks George'Roxie!) under the sunlight by the beach. I like the overall Hawaiian-like design of the bikini cause it's just crisp and gorgeous. What can you say? Haha. Anyway, pardon the terrace shots I'm only maximizing the view from our hotel because it's very relaxing and beautiful. 2nd day in the paradise is all about enjoying the sand, beach and stalls but first photo shoot. :) I can feel the hot weather on my skin, I can hear the waves, I can feel the fine sand and I'm feeling skinny/sexy to wear something above. Lol. Just to share some of the things Macky and I did on that day -- we ate at Jonah's (I really love their milkshake there), we bought pasalubong, we stroll around D'Mall, we had buffet for dinner and I surprise Macky with a slice of his favorite Mango Cheesecake because it's his birthday (it was drizzling that night and so I got sick the next day, too bad)

We didn't have the chance to have activities on our entire stay in Boracay because I got sick on our 3rd day there and it was very awful. :\ but the good thing there are meds and we were able to still have bonding with each other and enjoy our summer vacation held every June of the year. Also, please don't judge my not so perfect body I'm just proud of the outcome of my workout and my dream "project abs". Hahaha. And speaking of which, I will go back to my no pain, no gain life next week. Yay! :)

I still have one backlog post left from my Bora trip and it will be posted next week. If you have something in mind about my posts, please feel free to post a comment. I would really appreciate it. :)

Perfect summer with a lot of sunshine and happy thoughts.

Friday, July 04, 2014


Hi everyone! Here's my Day 1 swim wear OOTD in the paradise of Boracay last June 24. It was very sunny and I got addicted in taking photos outside the window plane. Yeah! First time to have a daylight flight so I grabbed the chance. :) For the record, we traveled along with Joem Bascon and his girlfriend and I was like okay he's not really like the big actors I would love to take pictures with. Lol.

We stayed in La Fiesta Resort, Station 1 yes it's beach front if you will notice on the photos above. I rested for a couple of hours because I had my shift before this day. On the afternoon, Macky and I ate somewhere because I don't know it's just automatic that if we're together, we will eat wherever we want to then we had alternate photo shoot cause everything is just beautiful. :) It's already my second time around here and it still feels like it's my first time.

Top: Sun Kissed | Bikini: Oxygen | Sunnies: Bazaar | Board short: SM

Sunset is the best scenario whenever you are on beach. It's relaxing and calm. I really love it and I would love to live here forever. :) What can you say about my beach attire? The top I'm wearing is a favorite because I'm attractive to neutral/plain colors plus I find it sexy on me (but where is my abs here?). Lol. It's very rare that I find bikinis that are just enough for me so if I find the right fit, I'll go for it. :)

I'll post another blog for my Day 2 soon...

Life will always get better if you think of beautiful things.