Monday, June 23, 2014


Sweater: Thrifted | Jeans: F&H | Necklace: Forever21 | Bag and Loafers: Cotton On

When it's raining you know what to wear in the office -- sweater or anything that will keep you warm in your 9hrs of shift. :) I bought this sweater few months ago and cause I know that cold days will come soon, I grabbed it. I love the color and texture though it's kinda loose on me (boo! skinny) haha. I also thought that messy bun hair will look good on this OOTD so, there you go. Noting new, I'm always simple.

Just to share... On that same night my previous Boss when I was still an agent (Hi Boss Mark!) was also wearing almost the same sweater as mine. We look like couples. Hehehe. We have a lot of OOTD photos as well. Check out my IG account here: yssamaunay :)

Bye tank tops and comfy clothes cause sweaters are ON.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Top: F&H | Earrings: gift from mama | Shorts: Bazaar | Sandals: Cotton On

Shop til you drop OOTD last weekend in prep for Bora trip and I'm so happy because after like 3 months of no shopping I'm back to my routine after pay day. Haha. Yes it's all worth it because it's SALE!!! What can you say about my experiment look? Though I'm not sure if this mix and match will turn out nice, I still go for it and just wore a pair of foot wear something that will go along my blue shirt. :) Whatcha say about my long ombre hair? Haha. I'm loving it and I'm running out of words. Blah. Blah. Anyway, I had shopping in Cotton On one of my favorite boutiques in all malls and yes they are on SALE! #happykid

Can you read the statement shirt on the right side background of my last photo? I was like Hahahaha. :) What a coincidence. I opt not to post it cause it's readable. :D

If you're lost, you can look and you will find me.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Top: Fab | Skort & Necklace: Bazaar | Bag: Tomato | Flats: Cotton On | Watch: Casio

Here's my Hello June OOTD in MOA also the day I watched the movie Maleficent in 3D and indeed it was awesome! :) Angelina Jolie is just hot and wow. Agree? On the OOTD part, I thought gray on gray color is not a good combination but I was wrong and you know probably the reason why by just looking on the photos above. Haha. JK. I just added gold details so I won't look pale since I don't put make up except for the eye liner which I often use. Everyday is a challenge especially if you think that you are running out of clothes to mix and match. Well I hope you're still enjoying and loving my posts here. :)

Rainy season is already in the city and 1 week from now I'll be in Boracay for my summer vacation. Good weather please? :) Aside from my most awaited trip, I have a very tight schedule on every weekends of June which serves as my breather and unwind moments from my busy life for my new hire class (Batch 123). Thank you God for everything. I love you.

Keep safe and warm. Stay happy and nice.

Thursday, June 05, 2014


Dress: from US | Cargidan: SM | Flats: Cotton On
Top & Wedge: Cotton On | Pants: Penshoppe
Cover up: SM | Bikini Top: Roxie's | Summer Hat: Mads' | Shorts: True Love | Sunnies: Bazaar | Slippers: Rubi
No Filter under the sun :D
Shirt: from Macky | Shorts: Bazaar | Bag & Footwear: Penshoppe
Top & High-waist shorts: Bazaar | Sneaks: Vans

I'm 5 days late for this monthly post on my blog and blame it on my laptop. Hehe. Let me share the stories behind these OOTDs... The 1st OOTD was worn during the last day of CST of my VIP upskill class, 2nd OOTD is my typical work day & Toni G's look because of the tuck in and wedge shoes (lol), 3rd and 4th OOTDs are not really OOTDs but I just want to share how I still carry my style even if I'm on the beach. :) this was our trip to Nagsasa, Zambales with my other Netsol friends and workmates (I'm sorry for my super feeling sexy body :D) 5th OOTD is my definition of "no choice of clothes in the cabinet" and "super dress down OOTD" you obviously know the reason why. And the last OOTD is my weekend life porma cause I can wear, mix and match any pieces of clothes before going to somewhere. I like wearing shorts and tank top now a days which is also a perfect OOTD for the super hot weather.

I'm getting busy lately because of back to back classes but I'm also excited for my promotion. Yes! I will be promoted soon. I really don't want to announce this news yet because I want to sign the papers first (HAHA) but I just can't hide the feeling happiness, of being proud of myself and being able to achieve something that I know I love doing. I will share the happenings after everything has been finalized and thank you so much God. :)

Positivity breeds positivity.