Monday, February 27, 2017


Dress: MSBazaar | Denim Outer Wear: Cotton On | Sling Bag: BU9 | Sneaks: Bershka

NY feels shoot and I can no longer remember the date when was these photos are taken; I just know that I'm wearing my fave sneaks again. Haha! :) You can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers because you can always match it with any clothing especially if it's denim and black pieces. On this OOTD, "slit yung nagdala" while I'm enjoying my mi paborito Cookies n' Cream Freeze from Bo's Coffee. They are also giving a loyalty card if you purchased a minimum of 500 peso worth of order -- 20% off every Monday and 10% off for the rest of the days. I just got mine a month ago and I often visit their branch at Glorietta 5. :)

In the next 2 days, we're about to say hello to a new month again. What are your plans for March? Me, I'm so beach deprived but that's okay because my body is not beach ready yet. Haha! Still working on it. xoxo.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Dress: Mura Shop Clothing | Bag: Longchamp | Sneaks: Bershka

OOTD last January 29 (with only 3 hrs of sleep) when I attended the Christening of Baby Margaux and yes I'm a ninang again. Hehe. I opt not to dress up so I just wore something light and close to white. If you like my dress here, I bought it from Mura Shop Clothing boutique at the Trendsetter's Bazaar event and I really love the pieces they're selling. Aside from the fact that the clothes are trendy it's also very affordable plus first time to own a Longchamp and a gray colored bag (another new fave) :) I can't wait til the next bazaar happening this Feb 24-26. See you there? 

Credits to my georgie for the photos and for my simple FOTD. Love you :) What can you say about my look? Feel free to let me know. I still have 2 more upcoming backlog OOTD posts, stay tuned! xoxo.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Halter top, Heartbeat necklace & Culottes: TSBazaar | Block Ankle heels: Monique Collection

Photos taken last January 28 during the Welcome Home/Birthday dinner for Ate Jhan along with the other January celebrants from the fambam. So.. I was obliged to wear color red and it's very usual for me but this classy OOTD is one of my favorites (I look like a walking Red Velvet slice. Hehe!). I felt so chic and sexy that's why I'm loving red now. Haha! I'm proud to say that all pieces I'm wearing were brought from Trendsetter's Bazaar plus I had my nails done by Posh Nails, MOA branch. Yeah! I traveled from MOA to Robinson's that day, it was super hassle and what's the ending.. of course I'm a late comer but I got rewarded with a shrimp and mushroom pasta plate. Yay!

About the fambam day out.. we had dinner at Italianni's and coffee bonding at CBTL. It was indeed a blissful day for all of us. Credits to my cousin, Meggy for these photos (I love you, bhe! :))

Few days before Valentine's.. for those who will be celebrating this special day with their partners, enjoy and make the most of the V day. For those hearts are still healing because of a recent break-up, chin up, smile and celebrate your independence. For those who are single, date and spoil yourself with everything you think you deserve. And for those who are just happy and chillin' (just like me.. haha!) spread the good vibes and love to everyone because at the end of the day there's someone who always have your back. :)

Saying my advance Happy Valentine's greeting to everyone! Always, love. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Dress: TSBazaar | Necklace: H&M | Bag: Shoebox | Black Leather Sneaks: Bershka

Worklife OOTD last 2 weeks ago and because I'm getting fat.. I'm obliged to wear something that's loose but still casual. I also missed wearing my Bersha leather sneaks. Haha. Okay, so.. After work, I headed to Makati to have breakfast at Bo's Coffee. I craved for their Cookies n' Cream Freeze but unfortunately, it's not available that day so I just had Vanilla Freeze and Moist Chocolate cake (very good combination I must say). Check out my IG photo w my sweets here.. Blending in w my morning sweets :)

Thanks to my always on the go friend, Dy for the photos. Thanks for the time and chika moments (love you! :*).

Hello February! ♡ My next OOTD post is somewhat a reminder that Valentine's day is coming up so stay tuned. xoxo.