Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Every time I have hang outs, I love taking pictures of the foods I ordered before I eat them. I don't know why but it's been my routine that's why I thought of blogging about these foods under "Foodgasm" blog title. I'll also share my experience and add reviews about it.

Baked Ziti w/ Alfredo sauce & Meatball 

One of my favorite especially with Alfredo sauce and I bet there are lots of people who also crave for this superb pasta.

Chicago Deep Dish 

Pizza with different kinds of meat. Sbarro is one of our favorite dining place. Me and my hon had been to Sbarro several times already and we really do enjoy eating there. :)

I've heard of this food store from my friend and since I'm into eating sweets, I didn't hesitate to taste Chocolat's cakes (MOA branch). I already blogged my very first experience in Chocolat when I attended PH Fashion Week, I ordered Death by Tablea and all I can say is... "First time and the best!" My second time, I ordered Deep Dark Classic and for my third time...

Chocolate Caramel

NY Cheesecake for hon

Red Velvet cupcake for sharing

Prices are really affordable and worth it. Just give it a try! :)

More food posts soon...

Monday, July 16, 2012


I just turned 21 last July 6 and there's nothing more I could wish for because I know in my heart that I'm blessed and I will always be thankful. Honestly, I don't have any specific plans on my birthday but then God gave me reasons to celebrate and be happy on that day. I celebrated my birthday thrice and here are the stories behind it...

July 6:

Surprise from my NSI Batch 108 trainees. Letters & a cupcake
Thank you to my girlfriends, G-force. I know they planned this one. I'm so touched. :)

Surprise date from my one and only. We watched The Amazing Spider Man, ate at Bon Chon and had DQ for dessert. Thank you hon and ILY. :)

Top: Bazaar, Satchel bag: Bazaar, Watch: Swatch, Accessories: Love Diva Earrings: Forever21, Flats: Market

July 10:

Mama planned for a small post birthday celebration at home with my aunts, cousins and close friends.

Amber's Pancit Puti is really a must try. It's really good! :)

Haggard because of my training but I'm happy.

Thank you mama for making this celebration possible. I love you.

July 14:

Spicy Chiken Adobo, Tokwa, Dynamite, Cheese sticks and Emperador

My beloved OTL barkada. :)

After how many months of not seeing each other because of conflicting schedules, we're able to set a date to have a reunion and to celebrate the birthday of Macky, Kenny, Jc and yours truly. I'm truly grateful and lucky to have these people in my life. They will be forever treasured in my heart. I love you OTL.

Next year ulit ha? :) 
Anyways, How's your July so far everyone? 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Hello July... A lucky month for me because I was blessed with these priceless items. My addiction in joining different giveaways is worth it. Haha. Who knows db? I'm just one of the thousands of people trying their luck to win in those giveaways. Here are some of the blessings I received within this week. :)

Remembrance gift from my co-trainee, Carol 

Prize from the giveaway of Ms. Em of Love and Elegance a 200 worth of GCs and Thank you RP Online Shop

I won these precious prizes from Ms. Karen's First Ever Blog Giveaway 

A watch from Swatch is really a dream come true (call me OA or what but it's true) it's my first ever Swatch watch and I'm really blessed and lucky to have one now, an advance birthday gift also this coming Friday. :) plus the Paris key chain of course. Thank you so much again Ms. Karen for this. More power to your blog,! :)

Hope to have more blessings and "Congratulation" emails soon. :)

Sunday, July 01, 2012


I'm back! It's been a week or two since I posted a blog about my "gala" experience. I've been busy with my training and completion of requirements for my work and just last Saturday (June 30) I had the chance to hang out and enjoy my rest day. :)

This is what I wore in the I'm Shoe In Love event. It's the biggest shoe sale event of the year and luckily I won free tickets for the event so I grabbed the chance to check those cool sale items.
The weather on that day is kinda bipolar so I decided to wear my one and only crocs instead of wearing flats. I hate rainy days especially when I have "gala".

My boyfie/best friend/photographer

 My all time favorite sweets (esp. Red Velvet cupcake) only from Sophie's Mom

 Hello, BGC.

Top: Roxie's collection, Inverted Triangle Necklace: Personalized Accessories, High waist shorts: Love Trends, Bag: ABAKADA, Shoes: Crocs(market) 

The high waist shorts I'm wearing is actually one of my favorite from all the shorts I have. :) Check out Love Trends' collection for more items. While, the Inverted Triangle Necklace is the 2nd prize I won from Personalized Accessories but this time it's from the blog giveaway of Ms. Ava. :)

Goodbye June, Hello July! :)