Saturday, November 18, 2017


Shirt: SM Woman | Leggings: F21 | Sneaks: Bershka

Hey, hey, hey! It's been almost 3 months since my last post here and I missed blogging. Huhu. I've been very busy with a lot of work, social, love and personal stuff that I only use my laptop to watch workout vids for me to follow. Hehe. But in that span of time, I get to spend more time with the people I love and close to me. I post lesser IG photos, seldom post updates on FB and more quality time with friends, family and of course with mii love. :)

I have to brag that I've never been this happy though yes, there are challenges along the way but it felt like everything is just right and exactly where it's supposed to be -- this is why I'm thankful everyday. Let me take this opportunity as well to tell the world about the man behind my smiles.. I'm truly blessed to have someone who always does the little things anytime of the day, who spares time just to be with me (as in major sacrifice), who patiently waits when I'll be late then smiles the moment he sees me, who appreciates everything I do even just by my presence, who reminds me to calm down when I'm about to get stressed, who floods me with SMS updates when we're not together just not to leave me wondering, who thinks that I'm still sexy though I gained a lot, who does the "actions speak louder than words" literally, who is transparent with his feelings, who respects me and my family, who doesn't want arguments (let's fix it today and close it), who never gets tired of reminding me how much he loves me when I'm praning, who likes to try what I also like, who always prioritizes me as much as possible, who who always pushes me to achieve my goals in life and lastly, someone who loves me because of me. There's a lot more to say about mii love but I'll just keep the rest to myself. Sometimes, I also ask myself, why did I deserve such perfect man in my life? Maybe, I'll just believe in destiny. :)

So, Gian and I celebrated our "half a year" this month. I planned to write a blog post about him and about us but I got stuck on mama's birthday preparations and on our day as well. It's better late than never, right? Hehe. Thanks for everything, love. I love you.♥️

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Romper & Sunnies: TBazaar |  Footwear: Praiaz | Bag: from a HS lovie

Late post of my 26th birthday OOTD (I had the time, finally!) wearing the classy romper I bought from Trendsetter's Bazaar. There were taken in at Puerto Prinsesa airport and credits to my friend, Dy for the shots, love you! :)

I had the "artista birthday be like" because of back to back celebration/meet ups with my friends and I cannot be more thankful; my heart is delighted and full. Thank you to everyone who became part of this another chapter in my life. 

PS. my IG account is always updated you can catch my latest posts there. xoxo.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Off Shoulder Top, Jeans and Sandals: TBazaar | Bag: Longchamp

Hello, August! I'm back from my busy/full of errands life and I should be sharing my Ilocos trip here with my love but we had so much photos so I decided to just keep it on my FB and IG feed. You can just scroll on my IG to find the photo album like post -- GY and the 8 awesome attractions in Ilocos and 2pm ATV ride around Hannah's . :)

Let me share my Kathryn like look from the last Trendsetter's Bazaar event in WTC. It's my first time to try this off shoulder top and I think I did a good mix and match here. What do you think? And do you want a quick tip on how I dress up? I keep it balanced so, I no longer do the too much skin showing look like wearing a tank top and shorts (unless I'm in the beach). Now, I prefer wearing tank top + tattered jeans or shirt + high-waist shorts in that way everything's nice and steady. :)

I'm in need of new clothes and I can't wait til the next Trendsetter's Bazaar, are you? If yes, better save up now and let's go bazaar shopping this Aug. 25-57 at Megatrade Hall. xoxo.