Monday, September 30, 2013


Top & Skater skirt: Cotton On, Leather Sneakers: Forever21, Arm Party: Rkkr Stuff & Diva, Watch: Swatch

I look like a cheer dancer with my OOTD or maybe it's because of the shirt print but either way, it's kinda cute. Another skater skirt outfit again on a rainy weather and just to share, this look came from a man's idea (yes from ze boyfie). He chose the cool-colored top and told me to match it with skater skirt and sneakers. It's not too bad right? Good job hon! :) Thanks for the trendy idea. Hihi. I also figured out that simple shirts can still be partnered with skirts like this though at first glance it looks like awkward. :D Lately, I'm into wearing summer themed OOTD on this time of the year and I don't know why I should be wearing like winter clothes but I can't seem to find any good pieces around. I'm also loving Cotton On shop already though it's quite costly I find the products worth the price. I like their 2 for 1200 tag for clothes and 2 pairs for 1000 or 1200 tag for shoes especially when it's sale cause it's really sale!

Anyway, I'm so full on our Saturdate at High Street day because we ate big time in TGIFriday's. It's like OMG with the foods and I need to burn those calories later. I'm still on my rest day by tomorrow so I need to be productive and after that I'm back to Hosting pod by October 1st. Yey! :)

Sometimes even though you've tried all your best to conquer it, it's still not good enough .

Monday, September 23, 2013


Top and High-waist ombre shorts: Bazaar, Yellow sneakers: Arm Party: Rkkr Stuff & Bazaar Watch: Swatch, Earphones: Pop Coloud

Finally! After 2 weeks I was able to update my blog again blame it on the rainy season because when it's raining I feel so lazy to porma. Hehe. Last 9.21.2013, Macky and I had a simple dinner date somewhere in Greenbelt to celebrate our 58th month of love and happiness. Yes, we're turning 5 years this coming November. :)

What's for my OOTD? I'm wearing the high-waist shorts I bought from Bazaar For All Seasons and unfortunately it's kinda loose again. I'm really getting skinny I guess. Anyway, I chose to match the ombre shorts with a simple top and a yellow old sneakers to add color in my style and there you go I look like a cool chic and I love it. Haha. Have you noticed my gray-pink earphones? I'm actually endorsing and recommending it you people because I really find it awesome and POP-tastic! :) The brand is Coloud and there are 3 reasons why you'll love it -- it has variety of pop color combinations to choose from aside from the one I have, it has a built-in mic & remote on the cable which means that you can control your music playlist and answer phone calls without the hassle of taking out your gadget from your bag and lastly it's tangled-free because of the flat cable and the Zound Lasso feature. What pushed me to really buy it? It has 1 year warranty and it's a good job. Super YAY! right? :)

I have so many new clothes to mix and match for my future OOTDs I just need a good timing on where and when to wear them. Btw, what's up with your September guys? :)

Do what makes you happy before time runs out and before it's too late.

Sunday, September 01, 2013


Sheer top: Ukay, Leggings: Forever21, Bag: Tomato, Sunnies: Bazaar, Flats: Cotton On

So, here's my Bazaar For All Season outfit. I'm suppose to be wearing a pair of wedge but since I'll be travelling long and I'll stroll around the bazaar, I decided to just wear this classy Cotton On flats. I opted to wear something chic and posh that's why I go for gold accessories and a sheer top that will match the look (yes I bought my top from an ukay store and I'm proud of that) :) Whenever I'm in gold theme OOTD, the Tomato sling bag is the perfect partner because of it's black and gold details. I'm really in love with the style and just to share, my sunnies saved me from having a pale face on the photos cause I only had 2 hrs of sleep yesterday.

I love going to Bazaars because aside from the affordable prices I can buy pieces of clothes that are unique and really awesome. I'm excited to wear them na. Yay! :) Btw, a big thanks to Kat Valdez for adding me on the guest list. You can visit her site here: :)

I don't have August #OOTDs post because I've blogged them all separately. :)

BER month is here and more bazaars soon.