Thursday, March 30, 2017


Wearing my LovetoStylePH top | the rest of the pieces are from bazaars

Heya! Here's my first "Hello Summer" post this super hot season and photos were taken from my staycation last March 3 with my good vibes, friends for keeps (Rafa & Mel, insert Boss Mark). March started like I'm outside the country in this paradise; it's a combination of SG/Greece ambiance and I really love it. How I wish I can stay longer and just enjoy the cool breeze while thinking of happy thoughts. I can't tell much about what we've been up to during our stay but I will surely have more of these "baecation" very very soon. Haha!

I'm just so lucky to have these good people around me. I'm surrounded with good vibes and surely I can be at my 100% self, no filter when I'm with them. Credits to Rafa for the OOTD pose shots. :* and many more on my Instagram.

Sharing the BTS on how I fix my hair before the actual shot... hehehe! xoxo.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Jumper: Stradivarius | Cropped Top: Chic | Bag: Long Champ | Sneaks: Whoopy Shop

It's TGIS again! :) sharing this chic and on-repeat look of mine taken last 3 weeks ago and yeah it was a fine, fine Saturday afternoon indeed. I had lots of errands spent with some of my college barkada and really had a great time with the guys I missed the most (hello #TeamSBPagMayTime). Credits to my mom for these cool photos (the last photo is my bet) and sometimes it's about the right lighting too. I know I have posted this jumper piece before but I liked it better now simply because I look very lightly and genuinely ecstatic. Yay! :)

How's your March so far? If you'll ask me.. the month started with a staycation with my good vibes friends and days after that, I can't stop eating. Haha! You're right, I gained weight and I'm just maintaining the rest (I hope I can). I can't help but spoil myself with good food check my IG (#yssaeats) & IG story and you'll find out. So, to balance everything.. I do 10-15 min. bed/mat routines plus a half rice meal/less rice every day. But still the bottom line here is (though it may sound ironic) I've been eating a lot lately.

Next post, my staycation/1st of summer vibe 2017. Stay tuned! xoxo.

Friday, March 10, 2017


Sweater: Cotton On | Pants: Bershka | Bag: Shoebox | Booties: So Fab

When it's too cold in the office and I'm so lazy to iron a top wear.. I go for sweaters. The one I'm wearing here is a fave because of it's Aztec design and it's also a perfect match on the pair of my super loved booties. Thanks to my Vdate, mama for taking these photos. Love you! :)

And while I have the chance to talk about things that don't really mater anymore, let me just share what I've been up to for the past week.. Actually I have the option not to tell this anymore and just move on but I guess it's time to speak up for myself and say what I really felt that day. To be honest, I've been very happy and contented with my life by the start of the year. It was smooth sailing and I'm very much grateful. I decided to finally let go of the negatives and started to dwell on the positive. I chose to focus myself on my goals this year, to enjoy my life and do anything that will make me happy. I hope you know all these and I hope you stalked my social media just to find out what my life is all about right now -- I've been the happiest without you and your silly games.

Then one day (after how many months of total disconnect), you can twist the story line and disrespect me that way -- totally unacceptable. I hope you know that I'm no longer crazy over you. I hope you know that whatever I'm up to, you're no longer the reason behind it anymore. I hope you know that I can do things on my own now. So please, stop creating stories that you know I didn't do at all, stop telling lies, stop pretending that you're not the one who sent me that message because you know the truth. Stop calling me just to get mad or yell at me -- show some respect. And please whatever it is that you're planning to do to ruin my happiness, just stop.

But can you do me a favor instead? Can you be one of those people who are happy for whatever I'm achieving right now? That would really contribute to my happiness. :)