Sunday, October 28, 2012


This is what I wore last Friday, last day of shift for the week plus this is my second time to wear dress in office. I feel kinda awkward because I'm not used in wearing dress though I promise myself that from a shirt & jeans style I will be switching to this kind of style. Well, let's just see. Haha.

The main reason why I wore this dress? I will have a breakfast date with mama and Macky the next day. In short, I must be on my best look. So girly me! lol

Dress: Mint, Necklace: F21, Bag: Bazaar, Watch: Swatch, Flats: Market

We're suppose to eat at Banapple but because we are still on the waiting list, Bon Chon saved our day. :)

My Saturday is indeed well spent! :) I just love Saturdays and Sundays! And I would like also to share my other source of happiness with you guys... I will have my training for our Hosting Pod this week and it's really a great blessing to me because aside from it's much less haggard compared to Email Pod, it's an honor to be selected and to be part of the Technical Support Team. Yay! :))

Have a great Halloween! Trick or Treat! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012


Pictures in this post are quite old already but for the sake of updating my blog I will post them.  I'm really challenged with the time in terms of blogging and doing some online stuffs. Huhu. I need time management and I will work on that this week.

Since Sat. and Sun. are my rest days, I never fail to have quality time with my boyfie. This is just one of those Saturdays for the month of October. 

Now Showing: The Mistress

 Yellow Cab Four Seasons

 First try of Jamba Juice and we're like Whoa! :)
Pimpled-face. :(

Top: Guess, Shorts: Market, Bag: from US, Necklace: F21, Watch: gift, Jellies: Market

Photos are from my phone. Sorry for some blurry shots. What do you think of my rainy get up? lol I will try to catch up with my kinda boring blog site. :)

Have a happy and blessed week ahead!