Sunday, August 31, 2014


Top & High-Waist Shorts: Bazaarr | Sling bag: AMBLVD | Checkered Polo: Macky's | Oxford Boots: Forever21

Before I say "Hi!" to BER months, here's my inspired throwback to 90's OOTD last week. I'm not really into wearing polo or cover ups but I guess that principle will change now. :) What can you say about this look? I still have to post my August OOTDs it's just that I'm busy bee again at work but I'm loving the feeling of being productive. Thank you God I was able to submit all the requirements for my reclassification as Lead - Trainer of Network Solutions. Yes! I passed my 3 month probationary period and I'm so proud of myself that I have to share the good news here. I don't know how I reached this far but all I know is I love what I'm doing and I'm happy with all the blessings I'm receiving right now. :)

Celebration soon... :)

But everything looks perfect from far away.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Polka Polo, Tank Top, Sunnies, Bag & Flats: Cotton On | Torned Jeans: Doll House

#ImShoeinLove OOTD in Eastwood City last August 2 and yes another late post because my FB is just bombarded with various selfies and OOTD posts. Well, it's my first time here and I'm feeling like a tourist that's why I have different background photos everywhere and good thing my photographer is patient and not irate, haha! :) I will surely go back here though it's very far from home because I really love the ambiance and everything about the place -- perfect for chill time and hang out. :) Macky and I were supposed to buy a pair of shoes on this event but it led to buying 3 packs of Chips Ahoy, stroll around Eastwood, had movie house and food trip. It's still worth it because we were able to have quality time together. :)

On the OOTD part, I guess this is so far the awesomest and superb look I ever had (Kathryn B inspired style) plus I am so Cotton On except for my tattered jeans. I also like, super like the style of the loose polka polo I'm wearing. What can you say? I'm loving this kind of not-so-me and chic OOTD lately. I'll post more of this kind of OOTD and worklife OOTD soon so watch out. On the brighter side of my life, I'm thankful for all the blessings I'm receiving recently. I'm always ready for new challenges and open for opportunities. Thank you God. I'll be meeting Batch 126 next week and I'm excited. Just share.

The best is yet to come so just be patient. Do good and be better always.