Sunday, April 16, 2017


 Off Shoulders Top: Vanilla Breeze Clothing | Washed Out Jeans: F21 | Bag: Longchamp | Sneaks: Whoopy Shop

This is a 3 week old OOTD taken from a weekend date with mama. Prior taking these shots, I had my monthly hairtat and decided to go for something summer (see photo below). This is also an unforgettable day for me and mama when we signed up and pledged for the "Save the Children" program. We were oriented by the 2 volunteers in the mall where they had a mini booth and explained how the campaign works. They even showed us pictures of the achievements they have accomplished for the past years.

Save the Children is the world's leading independent children's organization -- aims to protect and support children who are in need. You may visit their website here. Like me, you can also be part of saving and making the world a better place for thousands of children. This program also made me realize how fortunate I am right now and to share what I have even just a little will be such a great help. :)

And so.. mama and I had the best seafood brunch bonding at Seafood Island; photos here. We went home right after we eat because we can't stand the super hot weather in an open mall. Haha!

Happy Easter everyone! :) xoxo

Beach waves are calling me hairtat 

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